10 Apple Watch Tips you’ll need to Know


The Apple Watch is a smart watch developed by Apple Inc. The S1 processor is used in Apple Watch which is based on ARMv7k (32 bits) architecture. The Operating System use in Apple Watch is version of iOS 8. The user interface is based on “Carousel”. The Apple Watch has three variation Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition. This Apple Watch has all new technology. The Apple watch is very simple to do work. It is used for communicating with others through Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi. This watch also connect you with your favourite people by sending sketch or even your heartbeat. It also gives you all day activity. In this device there are three rings of the activity app which shows your daily activity. It tells you or motivates you sit less and move more for your better health. Now we discuss about Apple Watch tips which you will need to know.


This icon is made because sometime user tap wrong way to launch app. This app is the best way. In this app you just hold down the digital crown and say Open [App name]. That app will be open.

Manually Turn On Power Reserve Mode

If your watch takes so many unnecessary power and you don’t really need much. You can use this app Manually Turn on Power Reserve Mode. Put it into Power Reserve Mode. For opening this app press and hold side button. After that slide the Power Reserve slider.

Make the on-screen Text Larger

The Apple Watch is very small in size. When we talk about its text so it shows very small. If you want to show text large in size. With the help of this app you can do it. For this first you go to Settings>Brightness and text size.

Hide Watch Apps

You try out third party apps on your Apple Watch, but those icons which created some problem in menu screen you can delete it. For this you can touch an app icon from your menu screen and press red X next to it. Then this app ask you. Are you sure you want to delete “App name”? If you press on yes that app will be deleted.

Mute Alerts

If you want to mute enabled. For this you will cover the display with your palm for three seconds. But you should set this in the apple watch app on your iPhone. For this you go My Watch>Sounds & Haptics>Cover to mute.


Every work is not possible in Apple Watch. So Apple gives you opportunity handoff to your iPhone. In your phone you will see small icon in the display.

Force Apple Watch to Restart

If your watch is not working properly so Apple gives you option to turn off by pressing and holding the side button until you see the power off slider. After watch is off then again you restart your watch.

Turn off snooze for your alarms

If you want to close snooze from your watch. It is very simple process to done this. First of all Go to alarms>Edit alarm>Turn Snooze off.

Share your location in Messages with Force Touch

If you want to send your current location to anyone with the help of message conversation, Force Touch the display and tap Send Location.

Change your Music’s audio source

If you want to listen music in your watch. Choose Source or AirPlay.

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