How to install closed drivers, media codec’s, and other forbidden stuff on Linux PCs

Linux systems are usually built by flawless unhindered open source software. However, if we consider the nature of source then majority of software that are frequently used are neither open source nor closed. Instead, they are restricted by the patents. Now depending on the    Linux distribution used the forbidden software can either be installed easily or it may ask to jump and cross some hoops.


This stuff is actually tied up with each other because of a number of justifying reasons. As such most of the Linux distributions do not prefer closed source software and this is one of the prime reasons why users find it difficult to flawlessly play Nvidia and AMD graphic drivers for playing 3D games. The same situation is true for the other software like Flash plug-in. This is not the end, some Linux distributions also do not prefer to go against the software patents of their countries, hence, they don’t distribute open source codec’s that is a crucial thing for listening as well as watching MP3 and MP4 songs and videos.

Ignoring the many reasons, let’s take a look on how we can install the proprietary programs on the simple Linux system.


With Ubuntu the process of installation becomes very simple. When installing Ubantu, a message appears saying “Install this third-party software”. One simply need to activate the appeared checkbox and all the multimedia codecs, closed source support, Adobe Flash and others get automatically installed. Further, it is always suggested that the installing multimedia files and other additional features should be done after the actual installation of the process. Ubuntu is a user friendly system, after installation it carefully guides the user to install all the additional features like proprietary, closed-source hardware drivers and so on.

Linux Mint is a popular name that is used to support different types of Adobe Flash and codec’s. Initially, Mint was created for this purpose especially for the Ubantu devices. However, later it also evolved as a Driver Manager tool and this is the very reason why Ubuntu and Mint is considered as the best Linux system for novice people.


Fedora is another Linux system, it is a committed open source software which is not own by any patents. Hence, Fedora is not restricted software and does not hider use of any proprietary or multimedia stuffs. Fedors standard software is very useful for installing multimedia codec’s like Nvidia, VLC or some known graphics drivers. The process is not very complicated; instead, it is done by making few clicks.


The next in the list comes the Debian project, which is being hosted by the restricted software which is owned by non-ree as well as contrib. repositories. Some people believe that it is set by default but the fact is that it does not fir the free software guidelines of the Debian project. Debian project hosts different packages so that users can make their own desired selection.

Here these are some of the fact that are not known by all the people who use Linux systems.

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