How to Add a Web Site to your Android Home Screen with Chrome

The smart phone and the android users are provided with a lot of feature that one can imagine from it. More over the smart phone enables you to use many app directly from the home screen. This direct function of using the app saves our time and makes it convenient for use. Where as many of us find it pretty difficult to browse for the web sites step by step by opening a browser, then entering the web site and then reaching the desired page. Majority of us still not familiar that a smart phone home screen is not the only place for apps to work on, you can even put out the desired web sites to the home screen and the use it directly from the home screen with on issues.


When you pin the web site to the desired home location is reduces the work load for browsing it. For no browser interface the Chrome in the android smart phone is the best option to choose from. So you need to follow some steps to add a website to your android home screen with Chrome:

  1. Open the chrome on your smart phone by selecting it.
  2. Now in the search option enter the full name of the website or the web page you need to put on the home screen.
  3. Now click on the search option.
  4. After you have clicked the search option, the chrome will display the lists of results regarding the title or web site you have entered.
  5. Select the desired web site or web page that you need to get on.
  6. When the web site or the web page is opened, you need to click on the menu option at the top left corner.
  7. Now when you select the menu option of the chrome, it will give you various options to choose from.
  8. Select the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option.
  9. When you tap on this option it will ask you to put an appropriate short name of the web site that needs to be displayed on the home screen. (The short name is important because the web address may be too long to be displayed properly on the home screen of your android phone. So always enter an appropriate short name for the web site.)
  10. When you have completed and saved it, then you need to close the chrome.
  11. Now a small icon will be displayed on the home screen.
  12. This is the direct web site shortcut which has been enabled on the android smart phone screen with the chrome.
  13. More over the shortcut can be easily used as any other app, means you can drag it anywhere and save it.
  14. Also the site is loaded as a web app. That means that when you open it for the next time no other browser will be interfering with it and it will run smoothly directly from a single tap on the icon on the home screen of the smart phone.

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