How to change the home screen launcher on Android

Everyone wants to make his cell phone personalized which is the heart of Android phone.  Home Screen launcher is very easy and simple method which gives you many choices. It gives permission to modify the look of app icons, features and functions as well.

Changing Launcher

  1. Go to settings option
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Click on configure apps

It is a much faster process to launch the options of setting and figure out home. Sometimes the location of this setting may be varying from device to device. You can get the new launcher on your device, or you may download it as well. You also have the option to move back to your previous launcher from the previous location. You will find all the settings and apps back to the normal condition they way you looked them at last.

Searching for good launchers

You can get new launchers from the play store of Google which has all the available choices. It can be readily available so that you can get access to the personalized apps. You can get some selection offer of opportunities with favorites.

Action Launcher is a personal launcher which is my favorite launcher. It is continually improving the launcher and added details with the alignment with Google Pixel Launcher. If you want close Google, then you can go for Google Now Launcher. Sometimes you will get large launcher icons on big size phones, and much customization is not offered by it. You may also find Nova launchers if you would like to optimize your mobile phone home screen.

At last, after downloading the launcher, you will get a prompt screen to select the new launcher. You can hit the button of your particular options for a launcher. You can get the usage of the launcher only one time as it has become new default.

How to change the home launcher of your screen for Android Lollipop

  1. Install any launcher of the third party from Play store of Google of your choice as per your need.
  2. Tap Home Screen button and select the launcher of your choice. You can select launcher from the available list. If you choose just once option, then you will get the same option when you click the home button next time. If you select away option, then you have to select it manually each time you go back to home screen.
  3. You have to go to settings and then home to select different default settings.
  4. You have to go to settings and then App and figure out the entry list of launcher you have selected by default. You have to tap to open App Setting and remove all the defaults.

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