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Versatile tool to connect to remote USB and serial ports over Internet or LAN. Access functionality and contents of a USB or serial port in the network anytime.

Access remote USB and serial ports over network

FlexiHub enables connecting to remote ports of network computers thus providing access to devices connected to them. Regardless of where you are, you can use their contents and functionality at all times. FlexiHub displays USB and serial devices as nodes to which you can connect instantaneously.

Manage access remotely

You can connect to remote devices from wherever you are, as long as you are in the network. Whether a device is across the room or across the globe from you, you can safely connect and disconnect from it in a matter of click.

Detect devices automatically

FlexiHub automatically detects and displays the type of a device – a printer, flash drive, camera, detachable disk and so on. This makes it easier to identify which device you need to connect to or which device to secure from unauthorized access. There is a special indicator that distinguishes serial devices.


Protect devices

FlexiHub allows you to regulate access to devices. You can make a device invisible to others, i.e. it won’t be displayed in the list of available devices on the remote side and no one will be able to access it without your permission.

Why FlexiHub?

Unique Solution

FlexiHub has a mechanism that allows accessing remote USB and serial ports over network. It means that you can connect to any shared device in the network, no matter where it is actually located, as if it was available to you locally.

Secure Access

Thanks to 256-bit SSL encryption, connection provided by FlexiHub is absolutely secure. No data will be lost during transfer and no unauthorized party can get access to your sensitive data.

Redirection Server

FlexiHub has its private communication server, so network computers do not need a real IP address to access and share devices remotely. Not “seeing” such computers will not prevent you from connecting to devices attached to them.

Compressed Data

FlexiHub compresses data thus reducing consumption of Internet traffic. It also helps increase the speed of interaction with some devices such as scanners. Depending on your requirements you can prioritize either the speed or size of the data transfer.

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