4 Tips to selecting the best type of web hosting in India

Hello Geeks, how are you? Earlier in our blogging posts we have discussed how to make a WordPress blog and become a full time blogger. We have even shared some excellent ways to optimize your website so that you can receive organic traffic. The basic thing that you will require to create a website or blog is hosting.

Web hosting generally means buying a space on the internet where you can store all the files of your blog or website so that the whole world can access it via the World Wide Web. But you can’t just go around and buy hosting from any company because there are several factors that needs to be considered before buying any hosting. If you choose the hosting poorly then you will face many troubles with your website such as automatic website crash, slow loading, database crash, automatic file deletions and so on. That is why we are taking this liberty to share few important tips that you must consider before buying hosting.

#1: Hosting Server Location

If you are only trying to get Indian or Asian traffic then it is better to get a hosting from a nearby country such as Singapore, Thailand or even India itself. It is necessary because you will face delay time with your website if you buy server from different location. But if you are targeting worldwide traffic then you can buy hosting from USA, Canada or any European country.

#2: Storage and other Specification

Check how much data storage you need and buy at least twice of what you need because you never know how big your MySQL database can grow and you run out of space. If you have less space available on your hosting then it may cause slow loading website or even your website may crash time to time. So to avoid these issues, you must have enough space on your hosting. Additionally, you might want to check bandwidth and add-on domains available and make sure they are up to your expectations.

#3: Auto Backup Feature

This is a must have feature needed before choosing any hosting. It is important that your hosting company must have auto backup feature so that you can back up your website data regularly according to your requirement. This is required so that no unexpected data loss occur due to miscellaneous reasons. If you have backups available then you can easily restore them without any problem.

#4: Excellent Support Staff

If your selecting any hosting company and it has no online support then stay away from it. Obviously you will need a lot of support regarding the hosting and the best way to do is via support. If they have 24X7 live chat support then it is even better. So make sure you are not left behind with the hosting alone.

That was the most excellent tips that everyone must consider before buying any hosting. If you are looking to purchase a reliable hosting then we will recommend to look at MangoMatter’s best web hosting list for India and compare the features and specifications by yourself. They took a lot of time and effort to review and compare the best hosting companies around the world and listed them nicely.

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