5 Tips to ensuring your smartphone is secure

Technology has eased things is such a way that if you have a smartphone, you have all you need in your hand. You’re banking solutions, emails, your work, shopping and so on. Everything can be easily accessed with just you hand held device. It is just like a mini-computer. The great advancement of technology, despite improving people’s lives, can also crush or destroy hence one needs to be very cautious. One of the things that is failing or dragging down more great advancements in technology is the concern of being hacked. Hackers have also advanced in their malicious ways to oppress and fraud innocent and unsuspecting audience. They have come with more advanced and clever tricks that could be very dangerous when they get their hands on something powerful. That power can be from a simple hack of your smartphone. In order to avoid this, here are some tips to ensuring your smartphone is secure:


  • Set up a phone lock. The phone lock may seem as a simple setting that you see no need to apply but on the contrary, that’s not the case. Setting up a phone lock keeps malicious people with wrong intentions from accessing your phone. This comes in handy especially when you are a public restaurant and you leave your phone unattended for minutes. A hacker can easily install a spy app on your phone that monitors all your moves and transactions. What was private becomes public. The password you put on your phone lock should be very complicated and not an easy to guess one.



  • Ignore phishing messages. This are the messages that appear as a pop-up on your screen or sent to your phone with a link. The link has an incomplete URL that when you click on, automatically downloads and installs a malicious spy app on your phone. To avoid this, make sure you delete such messages and never open such links.



  • Avoid public Wi-Fi. Not all Wi-Fi is good in that you automatically connect and start downloading. Some of those public Wi-Fi are set up to lure in unsuspecting people and then get hacked on. When using any public network, avoid doing things such as shopping online from Amazon or any other online store or accessing your bank accounts as you can’t be sure who is watching over the network.



  • Avoid public USB chargers. The public USB cables connected to unsuspecting computer can be programmed in such a way that when you are charging your phone, the computer is downloading all your personal files and information into the computer. The hackers can also use the cables to install spy apps or malicious hacking apps to your phone while charging. To be safe avoid such random public USB cables for charging and connect to a power source not on a computer.



  • Install an antivirus.This is an app that should act as the police on your device. Installing an antivirus needs to be carefully done to avoid installing malicious apps without knowing. An anti-virus ensures that all your personal information is safe and any unauthorised is restricted.


The smartphone or computer can all be hacked, just don’t make it easy for the hackers. In order to learn more about the tips to keep your smartphone secure and also on how to know you have been hacked, visit 8bit sumo website and learn.

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