How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC?

PUBG is a newly released mobile game which is in trend for the past couple of months because of all game lovers and fanatics. It is a multiplayer online game where the gamer has to survive deadly missions. Even though the game has touched a pinnacle of popularity on the smaller screen, but players would definitely love to play it on a bigger screen. Fortunately, there are some ways to play on computer’s screen, and this is our today’s topic of discussion.

Basically we would use certain emulators which can exactly mirror the gaming interface on the bigger screen of your computer. Few of the effective and reliable emulators and their workings are described below. Continue with your reading to know them in depth.

#1: Setup PUBG with BlueStacks on PC

BlueStacks is one of the famous emulator which is created with the purpose of mirroring your mobile games to the computer. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. You can simply gain control of your mobile with your mouse and keyboard, and it’s much more exciting to play the game on a bigger screen indeed. The method of set up is explained as follows:

Step 1. In order to install BlueStack N Beta and go to the following link and download the emulator.

Step 2. Next visit the following link and download the PUBG.apk by clicking download button on the website.

Step 3. Move back to BlueStack Emulator and install the file just downloaded. For that go to my app> install apk search for the file and open it. It will be automatically installed on your PC.

Step 4. Next install either WeChat or QQ messaging app for communication purpose among the multi-players.

Step 5. Now open the PUBG using BlueStack and click on either of the two messaging apps icon. Input your login credentials, and you can now commence your game.

Step 6. Go now to Settings within BlueStack and render the “aspect ratio” to system default option by clicking on display.

Step 7. Make the DPI setting high, and Engine setting to OpenGL.

Step 8. Choose the RAM and CPU core processor according to your own system specifications, which you need to first check and know before adjusting them here.

Step 9. Relaunch the game after changing the settings and check out the controls menu once the game is loaded and character is chosen in order to map everything out and to begin the game.

#2: Setup PUBG with NoxPlayer on PC

NoxPlayer is yet another gaming emulator which would be providing you the phone controls of the game using mouse and keyboard. The method is not that complicated and is very much similar to the previous one. Simply follow the steps to know the details:

Step 1. Download the latest    V6.0.5.0 version of the NoxPlayer and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Download PUBG from Google Play Store and install it on your NoxPlayer.

Step 3. After the installation is done, make some changes in the emulator settings for a better and precise performance. The required changes for the emulator settings are given below:

  • CPU should be more 2.
  • Memory should be equal or greater than 2048.
  • Graphics rendering mode should be set to DX mode or OpenGL mode.
  • Resolution set to 1280*720.
  • Set the keyboard control as per your preference and click “Save” to save the changes.

Step 4. Close NoxPlayer and prelaunch it to give it a fresh start and now you are fully ready to begin your game.’


PUBG has literally paved way to a lot of excitement among the gamers and even the novices who previously didn’t have a niche towards mobile games are not seen to be playing all the time. Thus, a big screen would not be a bad idea.

So gather your friends around, set the changes mentioned on your PC, after installing the Emulator, take a bowl of popcorn, and have fun together with PUBG.

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