The Best Trading Apps for IOS

Nearly all trading apps work in the iPhone operating system. Mobile trading applications provide a way for investors to trade in any location where they have access to the internet via WIFI or cellular service. Many of the better mobile applications provide users with the ability to chart and graph securities as well as deposit and withdraw their capital.  You can watch educational material on your mobile trading app as well as receive real-time news that will help you make your trading decisions. Here are some of the best online trading apps that work on the IOS system.


NetDania provides investors with multiple trading platforms.  Their mobile app is very popular and used by forex and CFD traders because of its versatility. The app provides real-time forex interbank rates and access to quotes on stocks and commodities, such as oil and natural gas. It provides more than 20,000 financial instruments in aggregate. In addition, Netdania provides traders with real-time market news that is global in nature.  You can draw trend lines on graphs on specific currency pairs and CFD through their customized suite of choices.  This is one of the top choices for IOS users.


The iFOREX trading app is also very popular as it is a customized application that is easy to use. The application is brought to you by one of the leaders in the forex industry. iFOREX states that its designers have more than 20-years of forex experience as a broker and platform designer. The mobile application is IOS based and their browser-based platform allows you to log on where you have access to the internet. Their execution is top notch as trader’s can make traders using swipe gestures. You can trade forex, commodities, indices, ETFs and shares on the iFOREX mobile platform. The mobile app also has real-time news and analysis as well as an economic calendar to prepare you for future important releases.

Trade Interceptor

Trade Interceptor is a strong choice for iPhone users. The app allows traders to execute a suite of securities including currency pairs, commodities and indices.  You can perform technical analysis, using 100-different indicators on charts that use real-time data. Trade Interceptor also provides access to live, streaming price quotes. You can customize your mobile app and set alerts for price levels or news releases. They provide daily economic news calendar and real-time market news. They also even have a back-testing module on their mobile application.

Bloomberg Business Mobile App

While you cannot execute trades through the Bloomberg mobile app, the platform offers several features that are geared to the iPhone user. The main issue is that you need to purchase Bloomberg Services which can be expensive. The mobile app provides access to global market news, real-time price data and portfolio management tools.  The app customizable, and the app’s watchlist feature allows you to track and analyze positions in several securities including forex, commodities, stocks, ETFs and certain mutual funds. You can also watch Bloomberg TV through the app.

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