Hi all, In this post,I will be taking you through the flight on “how to take screenshot on both Windows & Mac OS”.
So,fasten your seat-belt & let’s begin…

How to Take Screenshot in Windows.

There are couple of ways to capture a screen in Windows.
So,the easiest of them is what we will be going through here.

  1. The first is by using the default screen-capture key on every computer,i.e The PrtScn on your keyboard.
    Locate it & let’s start.

    • To take the shot of everything currently displaying on the screen including all open windows,press PrtScn.
      This will be automatically placed in the Clipboard.
    • To capture just the active window,press Alt+PrtScn.
    • Now to save the shots,open Microsoft paint by navigating to
      Start » Programs » Accessories » Paint and paste it there.
    • Next,select “File”from the top menu and choose “Save as”
    • Finally,give it any name you want and choose a directory to save the image.

  2. The second method involves using the “SPINNING TOOL”.This tool is by default part of  winidws8/7  & Windows vista.
    It is capable of capturing a specified area of a page instead of the whole screen as with the previous method.
    You can choose to use an amoeba-like[irregular] shape,a rectangle or capture the whole screen.

    How To Use “SNIPPING TOOL”.

    • Go to start » All Programs » Accessories » Snipping Tool.
    • Select a snipping type by clicking on the arrow next to “New” button.
    • Select the window or portion of the screen you want to capture using your mouse.
    • To highlight part of the screenshot,click on the pen/highlighter button in the menu.
    • Likewise,to capture a menu/drop-down menu,press ESC after you’ve launched the Snipping tool,then open the menu you want to capture & press Ctrl + PrtScn.


How To Take Screenshot on Mac OS X.

Mac OS has an in-built screen-grabbing function,which enables you to take shots by clicking on some key combinations.When these keys are pressed,a click sound will be heard,then the screen-shot will immediately be saved in .PNG format.

  • To capture the whole screen,press Cmd + Shift + 3 all at once.
  • To capture just a portion of the screen,press Cmd + Shift + 4.
    Just drag the crosshair that appears around the area to be captured.
  • To capture a specific window,press Cmd + Shift + 4 and immediately after that,hit the Spacebar.
    The crosshair will then turn into a small camera,highlighting all menus that can be captured.

That’s all.
I believe taking of screenshots shouldn’t be a difficult task for you any longer.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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