How to Enable Aero Glass Style in Windows 8

Hi friends, Today we will see How To enable Aero Glass Style In Windows 8,
This article is For windows 8 Users Who Loved The Aero Glass Style In windows 7.

Aero glass style is gone From windows 8, If you Miss Aero Glass Style In Your Windows 8, then worry not  Here is the trick to Enable it In Windows 8 Too.

Activate Transparent Glass effect in windows 8:

To activate Transparent Glass Effect in Windows 8, You need to Follow Some Simple steps.

Step 1: Right Click on you desktop and select Personalize. A windows will open Like the Below pic.

Step 2. As shown in the above pic , Click on high contrast White  To enable that Theme, Then Click on Color.
Step 3.After Clicking on Color a window will Open. Dont do anything with that window, Leave it as it is.

Step 4. Right Click on Desktop Again and Click on Personalize, Now choose Windows Default Theme To enable it.

Step 5. Now Go back to color and Appearance Window that you kept open earlier and just click on Save Changes.
Thats it you will get the Aero Glass Effect in Windows 8 Too.
you may face some Graphical Curruption when You move any window but This is the closest To Get aero Glass effect in Windows 8.

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