How To Create Shutdown Shortcut In Windows 8


Hi Guys. Today we will Learn how to Create Shutdown Shortcut In windows 8, This shortcut will help you to shutdown your Computer Really very fast. As window 8 Users must know it takes a fair bit of time to shutdown, becoz you have to take your Cursor to the right corner then Start then bla bla bla.

With this Trick you can create a shutdown shortcut on you desktop and when ever you want to shutdown you pc just Click on that icon and thats it.


Step 1 : To create a Shutdown shortcut in windows 8, Rightclick on clear spot of Desktop then navigate to New And then click On Shortcut.

You will see something like the below pic.

Step 2 : Now type the following Command, Its a command to shutdown windows PC. Where “t 00” is Seconds which windows will take to shutdown
Type this : 

shutdown.exe -s -t 00

Step 3 : After entering the Command , click on next. Now it will ask you to give a name to the shortcut.
It will automatically name it as Shortcut but you can change the name.

Step 4: Click on Finish. now you will see a shortcut ready on you desktop.

Step 5 : You can change the Icon of the shutdown shortcut That you created and choose any icon, this can Turn out to be a nice Prank with you friends.


To Change the icon, Right Click on the Shortcut That you created and select Properties, Then Click on Shortcut Tab then click on change icon,

Refer the below pic

After you Click on Change icon. you may be asked to Choose an icon from the list or Specify a different file, Just click OK.

Now you will see the a box with Icons to choose.

Choose any icon of you choice, i chose the arrowed one. Click on that icon , then click on Ok and then finally click on Apply.
Thats it friends you just created your Shutdown shortcut with icon.
Now whenever you want to shutdown your computer just Double Click on that icon.
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