10 Programming languages you Probably never heard of.


Guys Today we will see Some Programming Languages That you Probably Never heard Of  Earlier and Who invented it.

Following are 10 Programming Languages.

#1. Befunge : 

Befunge Was invented by Chris Pressey In 1993. Befunge is Described as Esoteric Programming language.

Esoteri Programming language means A computer Programming Language Designed to Experiment with Weird Ideas. Hard to Program or as a joke rather than for Practical Use.
#2. Piet:

This programming language was created by David Morgan-Mar

Piet is another esoteric programming language where the code resembles an abstract painting. It uses 20 Distinct Colors which are arranged in Blocks.

#3. Brainf**k:

Brainf**k was invented by Urban Müller in 1993. Along With Befunge it is also known as Esoteric Programming language.
The language uses a combination of eight commands – > < + – . , [ ]

#4. Shakespeare :

It was developed by the Swedish duo of Jon Åslund and Karl Hasselström in a lab project while they were in university.

SPL (Shakespeare Programming Language) is a language with ‘beautiful’ source code that is resembles Shakespeare’s plays. The main purpose was to make programs appear something other than programs. The language has title, characters, acts and scenes, enter and exit directives, lines just as you would expect in a Shakespearean play.

Whitespace programming language was created by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris at the university of Durham and they released on april Fool’s Day 2003

#6 Ook! :
This was also created by David Morgan-Mar As an Esoteric language which is more of a joke.
#7 Velato :
Velato programming language was created by Daniel Temkin in 2009. He also Created other language based on Digital media like Light Pattern which uses pictures.

Velato is a programming language which uses MIDI files as source code. the above pictures shows “Hello world” Program as Sheet Music not code.

#8. Inform:
Inform Was Created By Graham Nelson In 1993

It is an Object oriented and procedural language.Inform is a programming language about fiction. it is developed specifically for writing interactive Fiction

#9. Bliss :

Bliss was developed at Carnegie Mellon University by W. A. Wulf, D. B. Russell, and A. N. Habermann in 1969. It stands for Basic Language for Implementation of System Software.

BLISS was used by Digital Equipment Corp. for system programming and went into their VAX line of computers. BLISS is no longer widely used.
#10. Go:
If you have not heard about this language then you should have because this was developed by GOOGLE in 2009.
Go is an open source language and is Combination of C++ and python

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