How to Replace a Broken Laptop Screen

Hey! Do you want to replace your broken laptop screen? But do not know, how? Well, we are here to help you out! In this post, we are talking about some steps that help to fix replace broken laptop screen.


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  • Remove the laptop battery and unplugged the laptop from the adaptor as well.
  • Try to find out round cover stickers, which are used to hide the screen on the screen bezel. The round cover stickers are usually found on the bottom of the screen bezel, which is near the screen hinges.
  • Remove the cover stickers with the help of pointy or sharp object. You can either use safety pin or needle for this purpose. Make sure, there will be no damaged on the laptop screen. Place the pointed object between the bezel and the edge of the cover, and then try to pry the sticker away. Once the sticker is removed properly, keep the cover in a place which is safe. Always make sure the cover should not be placed from the sticky side.
  • To remove the now-exposed screws, you can use screwdrivers. Always make sure you remove the screen in a right position so that screws get enough exposure to remove properly.
  • Now, it’s time to pry screen bezel always, which is placed in the back side of the screen. You can use your fingernail as well as other pointed and sharp objects to crack the screen from outside. Plastic snaps are usually used to secure the screen bezel. So it is necessary to exert some force during prying.
  • It is not always easy to remove screen bezel. Sometimes, you need to do extra effort for effective removing of screen bezel.
  • Once the screen bezel is properly unsnapped and the bezel is removed in an effective way, LCD is found. It is secured in a metal trim frame on the right as well as left sides. There are two screws on the top of each side. Remove it properly by holding the trim frame pieces, which is placed on the back screen case. Make sure that LCD should be lifted properly from the back screen case.
  • If there are any screws on the trim frame sides, move all those screws gently. In most of the laptops, there are usually three to four screws, whereas in small laptops there are only two screws. In some laptops, tape can also be used for securing the LCD.
  • Now remove the video cable, which is placed on the back side of the screen. Never put excessive pressure for removing. Remove the video cable away from the screen gently.
  • Once the broken LCD is removed properly, place the new LCD similar to the place as that of the old LCD. Reattach the video cable on the back side of the screen, just like on old LCD screen.
  • Now, fix the new bezel in the place of old bezel by following the same process.

If all go well, you will get shinny and new laptop screen in just a few minutes.

Hope you find this post useful!

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