How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone – Guide

Hello Freaks, how’s everyone doing? Today we have come up with a solution to the most asked question in our website and that’s how to recover deleted WhatsApp chat messages.

It is not big news that you have deleted your WhatsApp messages knowingly or unknowingly. Mostly it happens when you try to reset factory settings or your phone is suddenly dead or stopped working and so on. There are endless reasons which may cause your phone to stop working. But the dreadful part is you will lose all your important data, messages, and contacts and so on. Moreover, you will also lose all your internet history, your important chats including WhatsApp messages.

Right now, almost every person uses WhatsApp and it is pretty obvious that you will use it chat with your friends, families, colleagues etc and many of them can be very important. So the question stands that how can you recover your deleted WhatsApp messages.


Now those who use android can get their Chats from their auto saved files and there are endless ways to get back your files but the problem persists for iPhone users. So, we will be discussing how to extract WhatsApp messages from iPhone.

Simply follow the procedure which we are going to discuss below and hopefully you will be able to restore your messages. If you default choices was iTunes then follow this procedure.

  1. WhatsApp has an auto backup feature. People usually set this tool to be active daily which means your iPhone will automatically backup your chats daily and save it to iTunes or iClouds, whichever was your preference.
  2. Immediately check iTunes to see if you have a previously saved backup. To achieve this use the following procedure.
  • Simply open iTunes and select ‘Preferences’.
  • Select ‘Devices’ to see your entire iOS backup.
  • If you have found your backup file, simply select it to restore and you will have your device restored to the previously saved profile.

Secondly, if your default choices were iClouds, then follow this procedure.

  1. Download WhatsApp from Appstore and install it.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number when it asks.
  3. Right after you enter your mobile number, you will be asked to restore your previously saved chat messages using iClouds. Just select restore from top right corner and your messages will be restored. Make sure to choose restore because if you skip then you won’t be able to restore it back again.

And of course there are paid solutions as well; we will be discussing those later. But it is always recommended that you backup your messages daily and have a copy of that saved in your computer or save them in some cloud storage or google drive so that you can restore them if you accidentally lose your data.

We hope this was useful and worked for you.

We will be back with some more tips soon. Stay Tuned!

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