How to Use Mobile Cam as PC Cam?

Majority of Smartphones are equipped with rear and front cameras that could not only be used as standalone system but would also double up as a cam for personal computers or laptop. Instead of buying a brand new web cam, the old mobile phone can be utilized to accomplish the task. There are few tips and tricks that could make it possible for the users.

For the Android users:

Google Play consists of various web cam applications that can easily work with the phone however in order to work on the PC, the app should be installed on the system.

If you have an android phone, connect it to the computer and make sure that both are in the same Wi-Fi network.

Suitable cam app should be installed on the smart phone. Before starting the process, close all the other applications because they can interfere with the working of the cam.

Invoke the IP web cam application and click on the Start server button. It will initiate connection and the camera would be launched. It will also display the required URL which may vary according to the smart phone used.

In order to access the smart phone camera on the computer, fire up the browser and type the URL in the address bar.

It will provide a drop down menu close to the video renderer. You can select the browser option and activate the HTML.wav file. Once all the steps are completed, the live video appears on the screen. Instead of using the HTML file, try the VLC media player as it doesn’t allow any lag on the recording of the video clips.

The security camera would work even if the screen of the phone is switched off nevertheless when the gadget is on; the streaming video is of far higher quality and without lag.

For the Apple users:

Although free cam apps are available in the iTunes store, they provide only black and white videos devoid of audio signals. Premium version of the cam apps are studded with numerous capabilities.

iPhone users should make sure that the computer and the smart phones belong to the same home network.

The paid version of the app should be installed on the phone as well as on the system.

Installation of the application is followed by the installation of the audio and video drivers for seamless display of camera.

Once the application is launched on the computer, it automatically detects the cam application running on iPhone in the same Wi-Fi network.

Although recording button is not available, it is possible to record videos with the help of third party app from iTunes store.

Camera phone can be utilized as a web cam to initiate video calls from the personal computer or laptop. Applications such as Skype could be used to remotely converse with people provided that the internet connection has faster speed. Prior to starting with video chatting, install the camera set up on the computer followed by the installation of Skype.

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