How to record videos on Windows

In today’s techsavvy world, we have a tendency of using smartphone, laptops to watch videos. To urge a far better and clear read of the videos, folks prefer to watch it on laptops or desktops, i.e. on an even bigger screen. Sometimes, the user or the viewer may feel the requirement of capturing any video scene or record whole or a part of a video for future reference. This conjointly helps in getting rid of boredom when sitting idle. The videos that are informational carry lots of information that the viewer might notice useful if recorded. In laptops and desktops, innumerable videos are often simply accommodated in disk storage; thus, facilitating the user to easily record whatever they wish to. Henceforth, recording your computer’s display on your own terms whereas enjoying videos have currently been created straightforward.  Videos being played in Windows are often saved or recorded by numerous strategies. Allow us to tour through two such methods:

Method 1-

Movavi software is being used by many people round the world for recording videos, capturing the screen on Windows and other multimedia things. You need to follow the below simple, quick steps:

1- Download the program. The recorder will run automatically post installation completion.

2- Select the capture area by placing the mouse over the application window and left click. Else you can draw the capture frame on your screen. From the “Capture Area” list, select a size preset. Choose speaker or microphone for capturing audio by clicking the relative icon. You can also specify the duration of capture process by setting the capture timer.

3- Click on “REC”, or press F10 key to commence video capture. To cease, click on “Stop” or press F10. For any breaks, click on “Pause” or press F9. Screenshots can be taken by pressing “F8”. Click on “Cancel” whenever you want to stop recording. The video will get saved automatically in MKV format.

4- You can also edit and convert your video using this software Use “scissors” tool to cut off unwanted segments. For removal of video segments, click on “Trash can” tool icon. Save the recording to enjoy viewing the results.

Method 2-

It is now easy to record on-screen activities including with the help of Free Screen Video Recorder. This is a user-friendly, lightweight and powerful tool. It allows to simply recording anything on the Windows screen. This can capture multiple windows and objects including multi-level menus. The program can save files in rich quality formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and H264. You should follow just some easy steps and you are done recording:

1- The program is free of spywares and adware, thus, completely safe to install. Launch the recorder interface. Buttons to capture images and videos are there on the self-explanatory interface.

2- The program has been developed to record videos from full screens, windows, objects, etc. Just click on the corresponding button on the panel; else select a region to record. To cancel any action, press “Esc” key.

3- Set record options, select filename format, change media format, change delay’s time, etc. The menu is user- friendly to facilitate quick and hassle free recording.

4- Click on “Ok” button, and let the program record for you. Files can be recorded to MP4 format. You can use microphone to record sound from the video.


The user should specially take care of the settings before opting to record. The modes and formats chosen will define the quality of the recorded videos. Recording videos can prove to be extremely beneficial while creating presentations and how-to-guides. The version of windows has to be watched to check the software compatibility. As these are safe to install, you can sit back and relax keeping your system’s security issues at bay. Loaded with flexibility, switchable features, high quality formats, these methods will surely serve your purpose in the best way. The visual capabilities are well packed into these programs to give you good quality recording feature. Not only recording, the programs are well equipped in editing the videos too in various creative ways. One does not have to run to other program for these actions. We hope you enjoy watching your favorite videos on the go and also edit them however you wish to.

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