How to Extract Text From Images.


Hi Friends Today we will Learn How to Extract Text from any Given Image.

Normally if we need information in text format from images, we have to type it all. But instead of doing all the typing you can use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software to extract all the text from an image.
OCR recognize The Handwritten or Printed or Typewritten Text and Convert them into Editable Word or Text format. Although the Output may not be 100% accurate and you need to do some editing work.
But its always better to do some editing instead or Typing Whole Document

To extract Text from images you can use some Online OCR softwares but I will show you an easy way, You just Require MS office in you Computer, we will use Microsoft office onenote to extract text from images.

Lets Check how to do it with MS Office:

Step 1:  START > All Programs > MS office > Microsoft office Onenote.

Step 2: Now Copy paste the image into Ms office onenote from which you want to extract text.

Step 3: Right Click on the image And select  ” Copy text From picture “

Step 4: Thats it, Now open notepad or Word And paste the extracted Content.

Step 5: Now you can edit the Spelling mistakes if any.

I hope this prove to be very usefull and it will Consume less time to Complete your Work.

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