Less known Browsers Loaded With Awesome Features


Whenever We hear the Word Web Browser the first thing which strike in our mind is Either Chrome or FireFox.These two are well known and Fastest Browsers, Everyone knows it.
Then Comes other browsers like IE,Opera and Safari.

Everyone think that these are the only some Browsers in Use
but many less people know that there are many other browsers which exists in this world and offers great features just like these Popular Browsers


This is a very good Browsers loaded with many awesome features.As it is loaded with too many features it has been integrated with High Speed webkit engine which decreases its start-up time compare to  another browsers and make the Browsing experience fast and smooth.

SlimBoat Browser is fully integrated with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,Gmail,Stumble Upon,Hotmail, WordPress and many more.

Below are the features offered by SlimBoat:-

#Ads and Pop-up blocker

#Secure Browsing, Password Manager

#Multi-threaded internet download manager for Downloading

#Weather Forecaster

#Direct YouTube Videos Down-loader and many more.

2.)Torch Browser

Torch Browser the Second Browser offering some really Pretty Cool
Features.This Browser is Chromium Based which dilevers you an awesome internet browsing experience also offers you fast search capabilities.

Similar to Slimboat Browser this browsers also offer to
show your social presence but in a different style.

Torch Browser is integreated with social media feature which allows its users to share link, photos, text and videos to socail networking sites like Facebook and Twitter by just drag and drop.

This Browser is like a Gun shot for the peoples who keep on downloading from torrents.This Browser has a built-in support for Torrenting Downloading which means now you dont have to use third-party app for downloading from torrent sites.

It is also loaded with Touch media grabber which comes in Torch Browser only.
This Feature allows you download any video or audio file from any website without any third-party add-on or download manager.


Maxthon is a cloud based browser hence it is different from the other
browsers and offers cloud service in your browsers.The number of cloud
services offered by the Maxthon browser are listed below:-

#Cloud Share:-This Feature allows you to share images,text,website
links and files with your friends.

#Cloud Sync
:-This features offers you to syncs you account data to use
it on other Devices

#Cloud Upload/Download:-This feature will let you download files in
various different formats and give a option to upload the data to My
Cloud and use it from anywhere.

These were some cloud features which Maxthon uses but other than these cloud features, it offer you many other useful features:-

#Do Not Track option protects your Privacy by not including the sessions in history or preventing the ad networks and sites to track you.

#New Session:- This feature allows you login simultaneously onto same website with different account.

#Ad hunter:-Blocks Ad and Pop-ups

#SkyNote:-This is a feature which i personally liked it allows you to
save text notes and access them from anywhere and anytime.

Maxthon Browser is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platform.

So these Were some Less Popular Browsers With some Awesome.

What are reviews about these browser please let me know in Comments !!

Article by:Shubham khatwani

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