How to Improve Battery Life and Performance of your Laptop

Hey Guys Today I will Give you all Laptop Users a Small Tip,
Laptop users are generally Worried about Battery and Laptop Overheating. There is a Command for your Operating System Which helps you to Improve Performance and Power Efficiency

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To Read 5 Best Tips To Avoid Laptop OverHeating and then Come back here.

If you have a laptop with Windows 7 installed, you can use the ‘powercfg’ command, which is unique to your operating system.

What This Command Do ?

This command will generate useful information about your laptop’s energy comsumption. If  you use it correctly, you can extend your battery life and performance by great amounts.

How to Use This Command ?

Just follow below simple steps

Step 1
:To start, open the Start Menu and type “cmd” in the Start Search. 

Step 2: When the “cmd” icon appears, right click it and select “Run as administrator”. 

Step 3:Then the command line opens, run the command “powercfg -energy” without quotes. 
Step 4: Now Press “Enter” .

Windows 7 will scan your system and find ways to improve performance and power efficiency.
The results will be exported to an
HTML file, which will usually be saved in the System32” folder.

To navigate to the file, follow the path it gives you after completion. Read The file to know what is Causing so much power to drain

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