How to remove the malware from the PC or laptop

How to remove the malware from the PC or laptop

The PC or the Laptop might be running slow and the peripheral devices are malfunctioning. If strange windows are popping up left right and center, it means that the computer is infected with virus or the malware. The spyware as it is called creates obstructions in performing normal functions and would go a long way in making the computer paralyzed.  There are some advices which one can follow so that the PC is not infected by malicious programs.

How to remove the malware from the PC or laptop

As the first step, purchase an anti virus suite so that it is able to ward off the intruders from infecting the computer however it doesn’t guarantee safety from the malware. The security software should be regularly updated from the internet so that all the definitions of the virus are contained in the databases.  It is important to note that no antivirus program can filter out all the malware which are being created in the virtual world.

It is important to enter the safe mode to eliminate the culprit but prior to that one should disconnect the PC from the internet and switch off the Wi-Fi mode. To boot into safe mode, shut down the PC and restart the computer. As soon as you see the information on the screen, keep on pressing the F8 button. One could find numerous options on the screen, wherein it is possible to select the advanced boot alternative.  Choose the safe option with the networking mode and press the enter button.

If you are using the windows 8, press the shift button and you will arrive at the boot menu from where it is possible to select the safe mode. Once in the safe mode, delete all the temporary files which are bound to increase the speed of the virus scanning.  Free the disk space that might even delete the malware. To accomplish the task, go to all programs, accessories and click on disk cleanup option. It will start the process and help the computer to work faster.

If the antivirus is not able to detect the malware, it is time to install the on demand malware scanner which runs only when the program is opened.  To start with the process, connect the computer to the internet and download the application along with its updated version. To ensure safety, download the malware scanner to another computer and store it in the USB drive to be carried to the infected computer. For installation run the set up file and use the wizard to install the program. If the database is outdated use the application to download the updates from the internet.  Once the scanner is started, it will identify how many files are scanned and how many need to be done. The anti malware application will delete the malicious software however if the infection is deep seated and infects the root kit, it is important to format the disk drive and install the windows operating system.  If malware is eliminated, you can run the antivirus to check whether it is still present in the system.

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