How to Send Large Files through Emails?

Several email servers restrict sending emails with attachments larger than 10 MB. Though some email attachments cannot be sent due to file size issue, you can use some other ways which are discussed in this article to send large files via email. If you use Outlook or Gmail, they will give you alternative to share large files.


Maximum Size of Attachment

Normally there is no limit of size of email attachment because some email standards don’t specify any limit. But several email servers specify size limits of their own. Attachments of below 10 MB are okay in most email servers. Though Gmail allows users to attach over 25 MB of data in a single mail, it could be rejected by other email servers if your recipient doesn’t use Gmail. This is so because other email servers are not configured to accept attachments of over 10 MB. Also remember that attachments in all email servers are encoded with MIME. It means their size is increased by 33% if you attach them to your email. For example, the size of your 10MB of email will be increased up by 13MB.

Ways to Send Large Data through Email


Cloud Storage

Some cloud storage services including Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive are by far the simplest way to share large files. This way, you can share a large file through one of these services and prompt the recipient through email that you have shared a file. They can click that link and download your file to their system directly.


Microsoft and Google have added SkyDrive and Google Drive in their email servers respectively. While sending an email, all you have to choose SkyDrive or Google Drive option and you can share your desired file. If you are using Dropbox, then you have to go to Dropbox’s website, right click on desired file and click on Share link.


Making and Sending Small Archives

If you are seeking for something more DIY and traditional way of sending email, then you can split the large sized data into smaller archives. For instance, if you want to send email with large data of over 50MB, then several file compression tools can help you. They are capable to create and split the archive files into 5 different pieces of 10 MB.  Then you can upload all of these 10MB parts in different emails and send all of them to same recipient. The recipient will then download each file and extract all of them to make complete, larger file by using file extraction software.


Through a Large Email Sending Service

By considering the hassle of sending large data through email, there are many large email sending companies have been established in the online market. With these services, you can have a link to upload file and then you can paste the same link to your email and your recipient will get the file by clicking that link. These service providers make money by asking users for a subscription charge, offering limited size to the users or by placing their ads.

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