How to see when an email you sent is opened

How to see when an email you sent is opened


Sending information, details and important data through Emails seems very convenient and easy method but things become a little disappointing when you want the recipient to reply your mail soon but don’t get any response for long period sometimes. When you need someone to talk to you urgently or you don’t have lots of time to wait for the reply of your mail, it becomes important for you to know whether the recipient has even opened the mail or not.  Here are some good ideas to track your mails and find out when they have been read –

Use chrome extension

People who are related to IT and corporate world find it hard to confirm from everyone manually whether they have received their mails or not. For business email clients, you can use high class services like Signal, a beneficial Google chrome extension. The all you need to do is just downloading this extension and installing it in your device. You will be able to see the signal icon at the end of the address bar where notifications will be represented. One of such kind of Chrome extensions is contact monkey. By downloading this paid service, you will be able to see notifications pop ups for your sent mails at the time they are being opened by the recipient.

To start tracking with chrome extensions, compose a new mail and check that an icon of the extension you are using will appear somewhere in the compose box. It will help you to track the mail. Check the box and send the mail with facility of tracking it. Now, you will be able to see notifications in your inbox about certain mails have been opened. In this way, you can know that when did the use open the mail, the location from where it was opened and even the number of times the mail has been viewed.

The ‘read receipt’ service

For leading business dealers and corporate leaders, it becomes hard to manage their mails well and wait for the replies of their associates. The all they need is a well developed system to tell them whether their mails have been read or not. Well, there is no lack of good and effective tools and services for this purpose; in this direction ‘read receipts’ is a good service to know that the recipient has opened the mail you have sent. As this service is not available natively on Gmail, signals can be a good option to track mails.

Email tracking services

You will find some email tracking services online to track your emails. This will help you to know whether the recipient have opened your email or not, clicked on the link embedded in the mail or not and when the mail was opened etc. It is nothing but the kind of service used by internet marketers to track how many recipients opened their newsletters and followed it. BananaTag is an example of this kind of email tracker.

So, this is all about easier and good ways of tracking your sent mails.

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