How to use two operating system in a PC?


How to use two operating system in a PC?

Are you fed up by using one operating system on your PC? Want to replace it with a new one? If yes, then you can install two operating systems in your PC and use any of them as per the requirement. Before you install the second OS on your computers, it is very important to ensure that the new operating system is compatible with the old one or else you may have to go through a number of issues. Once you have checked the compatibility, you are ready to install the new operating system using the procedure discussed below.


Step by step process to install two OS on your PC

Step 1 – The first step is to create a backup of all the important data that is stored on your PC. While installing the operating system, there are possibilities that you may encounter an error due to which the data can be lost. So it is better that create a backup in advance to overcome such issues

Step 2 – You need the installation disks of the operating systems that you wish to install on your system. So make sure that you have both of them ready so that the installation can be started

Step 3 – In order to create space for the second operating system, you will first have to defragment the drive. This is done to resize the partition and make room for the other OS as well. Go through the requirements of your system to ensure whether both the operating systems can be installed on your PC or not

Step 4 – Now begin installing the first operating system. When you start the installation, you will be asked in which partition you like to install the OS. With the help of the partition program, you will be able to decide which OS will be installed in the first and the second partition

Step 5 – Now install the second operating system on the other partition. During the installation, the OS may configure a boot loader which is necessary to boot both the operating systems

Step 6 – With the help of the boot loader, you can decide which operating system will be your default one and what should be the time gap to switch between the two operating systems

Step 7 – Now you need to test whether both the operating systems are ready to boot or not. Boot them separately and see how both of them are working. If there are any problems, record them and try to overcome them

Step 8 – When you install the new programs, you will have to decide on which operating system will it get installed?

Step 9 – Restart your computer to ensure that both the operating systems are installed properly

So this is the step by step process to install two operating systems on your PC. If you follow all the steps, it will be very easy for you to install the OS and both of them will work properly as well.

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