How To Find IP Adress Of A Website

Recently we have talked about How To Make Your Own Antivirus. If you missed it and then click  here to read it.

Today I am gonna make this tutorial to teach you how to find the IP address of any website using simple command prompt. Yep, No software, No other look ups, just from your own command prompt option.

Why would you want to know any websites IP address?

Simple, you can find the server, location of the website and you can do many more other stuff using only the IP address.

Let me show you how you can do this using but you can later try this using any website including ours 🙂

Now let me cover it step by step.

1. Simple go to run and type “CMD” or go to start then accessories then click on” Command Prompt” option.

2. Now type “Ping” then put space and then type the name of the website for which you want to find out the IP address.

See the screenshot below:


3. Voila ! See the IP address by yourself now?  Easy, isn’t it?


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