Benefits To Using Apple Hardware In 2017

There is a reason why Apple’s global annual revenue accumulated to nearly $215 billion for the 2016 fiscal year. Apple is regarded as one of the world’s most valuable brand simply because of the high-quality of products the company manufacturers.

The primary reason why Apple products are exorbitantly priced is simply because of the high quality components used in manufacturing the products. Constructed of premium quality hardware, Apple products are durable and have longer lifespan than other products.

Apple has done a terrific job of integrating both the operating system and hardware products. Basically, all the hardware components work closely with the macOS, allowing greater efficiency.

Other manufacturers usually assemble different hardware components produced by different manufacturers and install them onto a computer. Therefore, these computers generally have problems related to optimization and compatibility. When such problems arise, the computers lack in efficiency, leading to a shorter lifespan.

Featuring optimized integration, all Apple products work similarly, thus, allowing one to easily switch between Apple products. Therefore, if you have certain music, images, and contacts etc. stored on your iPhone, you can easily view them from your MacBook through the integration feature called, Continuity. In order to have access to data and information across all Apple devices, all that is required for you to do is to log into your iCloud with your Apple ID. Hence, with the integration feature, you can easily transfer your projects to other Apple devices and work on them on various different platforms. This feature has really worked well for the company, luring many consumers into using Mac Computers simply because of the fact that it can be used with other portable devices.

All Mac computers feature hardware specifications that have been carefully built and installed to allow multitasking. Users can easily use the inbuilt shortcut keys, mouse gestures, and track-pad for various purposes such as selecting through apps and tabs that are operating in the background. Although this feature is also available on Windows computers, it is much easier to navigate in Apple products. The shortcut keys, mouse gestures, and trackpad can also be used to switch between desktops.

  • Air Pods

One of the biggest innovations to have come out of Apple in recent times is undoubtedly the Air Pods. What makes the Air Pods great is the fact that it is a wonderful, innovative Bluetooth earphone that features effortless connectivity and clever functionality. We also can’t overlook the fact that this product boasts of wonderful features such as the automated start/stop controls;  the Air Pod stops functioning every time the Air Pod leaves the ear, and operates again when in the ears. Hence, if you are a tech freak and would like to live futuristically in a wire-free environment, you should consider investing in Apple products.

  • Touch Bar

The integration of the touch bar in the MacBook Pro is also a wonderful innovation. The touch bar is located above the keyboard and sits where the old function keys used to be. What the touch bar does is that it displays a row of virtual controls of applications that are in operation, allowing one quick access to those applications.

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