How to remove iPhone backup from iTunes & PC

If you have many entertaining stuffs in your iDevice, let’s say iPhone, and you want to back them up in some safer place from where you can access them freely or retrieve whenever you want, this can be done with the help of iTunes.
iTunes is a mobile device management application which is also used as media player, online radio broadcaster, or media library developed by Apple Inc.

As far as this article is concerned we would discuss about its uses as media library where you can store or save your media contents, be it audio, video, images or any other files. Now you may ask, why do we need such an application? Well the answer is quite simple. For instance, you have many media contents stored in your iPhone, and now you are about to hand it over to someone else. In case you don’t want the third person to use all the contents that you have in the iDevice, you are left with no option but to delete them all. Doing so would be disadvantageous for you as well because all your files will be gone, and you will no longer be able to use them. But if you store them in certain locations on the Internet using certain application such as a media library. You can simply transfer all your media contents into that application and detach your iDevice from the the application.

Later on if you access the server storage of the application, you can again synch the application to your new device and retrieve all the contents back to the new device. This way you can store and retrieve alternately whenever you want, and from whichever iDevice you want. And this is what is accomplished by the application iTunes.

In this following article we would demonstrate few methods to remove your iDevice from the iTunes thereby allowing you to withdraw all your media contents from the device you are using for later usage.

Methods to remove iPhone from iTunes:

The methods mentioned here are not so difficult, but can be easily pulled off by any user, even the ones who do not have a lot of knowledge about iDevices. All you need to have is some basic understanding of how to go to certain locations and what does the keys and buttons in your iDevice does.

This much understanding would be enough to help you guide through the methods given below. In case you are not adept with the functions of your iDevice, you can follow up the manual you got while purchasing it. The manual would explain you every aspect of the iDevice in details to enable you to use it with ease.

Method 1: Remove your iDevices from PC

Well the interesting fact about Apple products is that they can be accessed or modified from any Apple products. So in case you don’t have your iPhone right now with you, PC would be enough to do your job at one go. The directions are given below in steps:

Step 1. Open iTunes from your PC. But make sure you have installed the iTunes on your PC already.

Step 2. In case you are signed-in to your Apple Account, do sign-in with your Apple ID. This can be done by clicking on the “Sign-in” panel on the iTunes home screen.

Steps 3. Once you are signed-in to the Apple Account go to the top of the iTunes window screen.

Step 4. At the top of it, click on “Account”.

Step 5. After clicking on “Account” choose “View my account” option.


Step 6. You will be asked to enter your password, so type your password in the password section box, and hit “Enter”.

Steps 7. Now navigate down to the iTunes in the Cloud section, and then click on “Manage Devices”. If none of your devices are attached with iTunes or Apple ID, this section would not be visible. But since we are here dealing with the associated devices, we would consider devices are attached with the Apple ID and we have to remove them from there.

Step 8. On the “Manage Devices” page, all the devices which are associated will be shown. Simply click on “Remove” from the devices you want to remove, and the device will be instantly detached from the Server containing the media contents.

Method 2: Removal of the associated devices from iPhone

This method is quite handy as for this method you don’t need any PC, but only an iPhone would be enough. In fact the iPhone that you are using, synchronized with iTunes would do the job. The guidelines are given below to do so:

Step 1. Go to “Settings” and then type your name, and then select “iTunes & App Store”.

Step 2. Now tap on your Apple ID. In order to view your Apple ID, you might be asked to enter your password.

Step 3. Once you have entered your password, you can scroll down to the “Cloud” option, and then tap “Remove this Device” option to finish the removal procedure.



As you can see that iPhone synchronization with any Apple Device be it iPhone, or iPad is so easy, so backing up your media contents in iTunes would not be that difficult.

iTunes is a widely adopted application of Apple, which has found many uses in various sectors. The most interesting part of its uses is that any amount of media can be stored in it regardless of their sizes or content specifications. So user need not worry about how much he should store in iTunes just like they do while storing files in iPhones main primary storage section.

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