Three ways to reset android phone


Three ways to reset android phone


When you have an android phone there are so many things that you have to deal with. Earlier there was nothing called the android phone and it has been a very recent development. With only a landline earlier, cell phone came in very late. With that and its slow development, then came the android phone. When it was launched at first, there weren’t a lot of people who could afford it and very slowly it came down to a price, when every other person could afford it. Though a lot of people could afford it not everyone who could own it, would be able to use it properly. It became a lot more difficult especially when it just stopped working out of the blue. At that time people couldn’t realize that this entire problem could be simply done away with after resetting the phone. But the problem arises when the people even fail to realize how to reset an android phone. Hence here are some ways in which people can reset their android phones and hence can rid of all the minor problems. Here are the ways:

  • Android phones though people think are something very difficult to use, are actually very simple and easy to use. At times some of the phones can reset simply by switching it off and then switching it on. In this way there are quite a number of phones which start working in the same way in which they would have worked when restarted so people can take this step to begin with and see it works for them. If not there are other ways too in which one can reset the phones.
  • More than the number of phone comes with an option called Factory Reset. This is one option that so many people are not even aware of that exists. With this option what can happen is the phone gets back to the way it was before. Like when a person buys a new phone the phone and its settings are on the way the factory and the company has made it. And hence when we opt for this option the phones gets back to its original form. The settings menu has the option whose last one is the factory resetting option. All you need to do is go and click on this option and see it. Click it. And then the phone confirms if you want to do so. Click an OK and the work is done. Your android phone has been reset.
  • Another way to reset the phone which is an android one is in the following way. Before you start this procedure make sure your phone is switched off completely. After this you can begin this procedure by following the given button combinations_
    1. Home and power
    1. Volume down and power
    2. Volume up and home and power button
    3. If none of this works you need to look up on the internet for doing the needful

In these ways you can reset you phone and be happy with it.

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