How to Use Tor Browser to Surf the Web Anonymously?

How to Use Tor Browser to Surf the Web Anonymously?

Volunteers across the world are using a computer network named Tor. A relay has been run by each volunteer that runs software to connect to the web. This browser connects users to various relays, before using open web. In each step, it wipes the tracks and makes it harder for attackers figure out who are you and where you are. Tor has a lot of genuine users, though it is widely used for buying illegal tools. This is the ideal tool to keep browsing hidden from advertisers, ISPs, or government connection.

Tor Browser is actually a modified edition of Mozilla Firefox with other software to connect users to the web. You will have two options after downloading the installer – you can install the tool or check the GPG signature of installation file first. You should check it to ensure that you have downloaded original version.


Whether you have checked the signature, you should install the Tor browser. It is downloaded as Exe file and you can install it like any other program. The only difference is that it doesn’t install in default location like others. Since this software is portable, it doesn’t put together on the Windows PC like a normal program. Tor browser can run from anywhere, your documents folder, Desktop or USB drive. You can click ‘Browse’ when it lets you ‘Choose Install Location’. After selecting the location, all you have to press Install and let it take care of everything.

Using Tor Browser

After installing the Tor Browser, it will provide a plain folder named ‘Tor Browser’. When you open the folder and go inside, it will give you ‘Start the Browser.exe’ file. When you click on it, a new window will appear and prompt you whether it can connect you to Tor network directly or you want change proxy settings.

It is wise to choose direct option and select ‘Connect’. It will launch a Firefox version and you will be connected to Tor network and browse the web completely anonymously. You may test your IP from any online tool to ensure that you have been connected to Tor network. As per your IP address, that tool will search for your location. If the result is something that is not related to your address, you are all set. You can enjoy totally anonymous browsing with Tor browser.


Browsing on Tor anonymously is much easier than booting up software. You should follow some rules, like you should connect to every site via HTTPS or TSL/SSL encryption.

If you don’t follow these rules, then the person will observe everything you do online who is running exit node for you. The Tor browser has HTTPS Everywhere add-on from Electronic Frontier Foundation. It is installed by default. This way, you will be covered with TSL/SSL needs all the time. However, browsing anonymously doesn’t mean you are immune to malwares and viruses. Tor cannot provide protection to you if you visit any seedier webpage. However, Tor browser is an ideal solution for any internet user to stay anonymous online.

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