How to Change Chrome Homepage? [Guide]


Hello guys, how are you all doing? Today, we are going to answer to another query from our visitor about how to change Google Chrome homepage.

We all use Google Chrome on Desktop, Smart Phones, iPhones, or iPads very frequently. In fact this is the most commonly used web browser all across the globe.

So when you open the Chrome browser, what you get to see generally is the startup page or when you click on the Home button, the page that opens up is usually referred to as Homepage.

Basically it contains Google search field or the recent websites you visited and the Google apps.

However, you might not want the default features of the homepage all the time. Rather you would like to add some changes according to your requirements, or if the changes have already been done, you may need to revert it back to the basic featured appearance.

The article today will brief you some ideas using which you can easily give your Chrome browser homepage a fair make over.

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#1: How to Change Chrome Homepage on Desktop

Do you see the circular yellow, blue, green, red icon on your desktop? Yes that is your Chrome Browser. So if you are bored with its homepage appearance, let’s see what you can do with its settings to change the homepage outlook.

Add Home Icon to the Browser Top:

Most of the time users don’t find the home icon to get back the homepage. Here we will show you how to bring it to appearance.

Steps Involved:

Step 1. Open up the Chrome browser and click on the three dotted icon from the upper right corner.

how to change chrome homepage

Step 2. From the drop down menu, click on “Settings”.

how to change chrome homepage

Step 3. On the new “Settings” page, under the “Appearance” tab, click the “Show Home Button” option to enable it.

how to change chrome homepage

Now this will by default set the “New Tab page” as the homepage. However, if you want to set a particular website as Chrome Homepage then read the next part.

Set a Specific Website as Chrome Homepage

Now, you might want a particular website as the homepage that you visit frequently then all you have to do is click on “Enter custom web address” and type in the website name that you want to set as the homepage. Here’s how to do it –

Now every time you will open up Chrome, the homepage will be that of the website you set earlier.

#2: How to Change Chrome Homepage on Android

Apart from UC browser and Opera mini, chrome browser is not less than in usage on Android devices also.

Due to its special attractive ambience and features like incognito mode, users find it more secured than any other browser.

But what about the homepage? Do you want to keep it in its default format or want some change?

If you do, the following section will help you do it.

  • Add Home Icon to Browser

Here also we will learn how to add the home icon on the chrome browser so that you can return to your homepage from anywhere on the web.

Step 1. From the app drawer look for the Chrome browser icon and then tap on it.

Step 2. On the Chrome browser page, click on the three dot “More” icon from the upper right corner.

Step 3. As soon as the drop down menu gushes in, tap on “Settings” option.

Step 4. Now the settings page is opened up. Here near the “Basic” group of settings, tap on “Homepage” option. Click on the grey slider (Disabled) to turn it blue (Enabled).

Step 5. A house shaped icon  appears in the top left side of the chrome screen.

NOTE: If the switch is already blue, the browser has the homepage button already activated.

  • Set Specific website as Homepage

If you wish to set a specific website as your homepage like you did earlier for desktop, you need little addition on the homepage settings.

Follow the lead below in steps.

Steps Involved:

1. Go to the “Settings” page and move to the “Homepage” settings.

2. Just below the slider which is turned on now, you will see “open this page” option.

3. Tap on it and you will be asked to enter a URL. Add the web address which you want to set as homepage.

4. Finally at the bottom of the page, tap on “Save” button to save the change.


Since homepage is the first page where you turn to when you open up your browser, it surely needs to be organized as per your needs.

If you need to adjust or add other things, you will get all the options within the “settings” option on both desktop and Android. For instance, add new pages; themes under “Appearance” section; showing bookmarks bar; customizing font size on homepage, Page zoom, managing search engines, etc.

Choose wisely but do not overcrowd the homepage, lest it will create confusion to find items quickly amongst the large number of appearing options on screen.

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