How to Run Windows Software in Linux

Linux is now much better than what it used to be. Now it has transformed more like a general web based desktop operating system and with this transformation the Windows is less needed than before. You have the option of using Microsoft office on it – at least its online version. If you are totally a Linux user, you will someday find out that it becomes very important to run Windows software on your Linux PC. However there’s nothing to worry about it, you can do it by the methods given below:



Wine is a very popular means to Windows software without the requirement of Windows. It’s basically an open-source compatibility layer which runs Windows software directly on Linux. Moreover it’s working on project of re-implementing Windows from beginning so that its software can run even without Windows.

What you need to do is firstly download Wine online. Once it’s done, download .exe files for Windows applications and double-click on it so that it runs with Wine. If you wish to install few popular software and games, PlayOnLinix a fancy interface on Wine. A commercial version of Wine is available offered by Codeveavers, known as CrossOver Linux, however it’s not available for free. It supports applications like MS office, popular games, Adobe Photoshop etc.


As the speed of the PCs are increasing, virtual machines are becoming lighter in weight. They are a very suitable way to run Windows software on your Linux PC. Install a copy of Windows in VirtualBox, VMware or KVM solution which is programs like “Virtual Machine”. The copied Windows thinks it’s running on real hardware but actually it’s running in Windows on your desktop. This is a better method of running Windows software because Windows apps are working on a real copy of Windows, therefore there are very chances encountering bugs; although there could be a load on your computer because its like two operating systems working simultaneously. It’s excellent for productivity software like MS office, Photoshop etc.


If you are able to access remote Windows System, you can try running the Windows apps on the remote Windows system and use remote desktop to access them from your Linux PC. The applications will be remotely running on a real Windows system so they will work without error. Mostly the Linux PCs come with an access to remote Windows by default, if not then the desktop package can be installed.


Technically dual-booting is not a direct way of running Windows software on Linux like Wine or Virtual machines, but it’s very common way in which the Linux users run the Windows software. It’s rather simple to use, instead of using the Windows software directly on Linux, the computer is rebooted choosing windows and going straight away into MS operating system. Tis way the Windows software will get their relevant OS to run. With the modern solid state drives, the reboot process have becomes much faster than what it used to be.

However all the above methods can run the software, but none of them proofs to be perfect. Different programs proof to work differently with different software.

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