20 Must Known Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Today windows 7 and windows 8.1 users are free to upgrade to windows 10 for free. Microsoft has introduced a number of amazing shortcuts to navigate between various new features including activation of new Cortana digital assistance and Virtual desktops.


Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts for those who are using Windows 10 in their pc.

Windows Key + Tab

Here new task view interface will open and would remain open even after releasing the keys. At the bottom of the screen you will be able to use the virtual desktop switcher to switch between virtual desktops.

Windows + [Left] [Right] [Up] [Down]

This is mainly used to position windows on your screen. On releasing the windows key, task view points on the opposite side of the positioned window.

Windows + G

This will open the windows 10 game bar screenshot. Here you can record the game videos of windows 10 games. The games include many available games such as Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

Alt + F4

This will close the current open window. If you are present on the desktop of the widows 10 then this will open the power dialogue that will ask you to shut down or restart the windows.


Ctrl + A

This will select all of the text in the current line in which your curser resides. If the line is totally empty then this will select all the text in the command prompt.

Ctrl + [1] [2] [3]

This will readily open the programs that are pinned to the task bar. For example if of the first pinned programme on your task bar is internet explorer then pressing of Windows + 1 will open internet explorer on your screen.

Windows + Shift + [Left][Right]

This is used when you use a setup that is multiple monitored.

This will shift the current window from one monitor to another.

Alt + Space

This is like a charm to the Windows 10 modern app. This would readily size, move, minimize, restore and maximize your current window.

Alt + Tab

This would switch between your current open windows.

Windows Key + Ctrl + D

This would generate a virtual desktop and would shift to it.

Shift + Home/End

This would shift the curser to the beginning or the end of the current line thus selecting the text in the way.


Shift + Page Up/ Page Down

Move the cursor down or up selecting the whole text.

Ctrl + V

Pastes all the copied text on the screen

Windows + S

Search for the Windows and web with Cortana or speech.

Windows + Space

This would switch the keyboard’s input language if the second one is available.

Windows + I

This would readily open the windows 10 settings.

Ctrl + M

This would open the mark mode which will help in selecting the text.

Ctrl + F

This would help to search for Command Prompt’s output by opening a find dialogue.

Windows + L

This would lock your windows 10 device.

Windows + D

This would show the windows 10 desktop.

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