How to fix Your inaccurate phone date in WhatsApp

The arrival of mobile gadgets in the market saw the advent of numerous chat applications in the market but none could create an impression as Whatsapp had. It has millions of users and continues to acquire more on a daily basis. With number of smart phones increasing at a phenomenal pace, the number of users is going to increase in the future. Whatsapp has extremely simple user interface making it possible for the laymen to operate the app without any training. It can be installed on I Phone, window phone and Android based mobile gadgets. In spite of being hugely popular, the application has its own issues that have to be sorted out by the users and developers.


Date and time problem:

One of the trickiest problems affecting the people is the date and time issues that might block the normal functioning of the application. Generally people running apple and window phone receive the error message that time and date is inaccurate. As result, the users cannot initialize the whatsapp. In fact the phone date is quite different than what the whatsapp sees as a date.

Response from the users:

Generally people switch over from automatic to manual settings in order to rectify the problems but it refuses to go away. The whatsapp error continues to display and blocks the invocation of the app. It is irritating for majority of users who want to quickly get on with the application for communication with their friends, colleagues and family members.

If you are bugged with date and time issue, do not fret but try the below mentioned solutions to come out of the jail.

First resolution:

Initially, you should follow the instructions of the application. Users can access the adjust date button functionality to check whether it is in synchronization with whatsapp. In case the values are incorrect, you can proceed ahead and change the date as well as time settings. If whatsapp works in a proper manner, it signifies that the problem is resolved.

Second resolution:

The second alternative is used when the first one fails to solve the problem. Generally, older versions of whatsapp create such error messages. In such cases, the only solution is to update the application. You can access the Google store and search for whatsapp. Once, it is located, click on the update and install buttons. It will help to download the latest version and also solve the problem.

For window mobile phone users, they need to access Microsoft store for the latest version of whatsapp application.

Similarly, I phone users can log on to the iTunes store to get the required updates

Third resolution:

If the second alternative fails to remove the error message, it is pertinent to install a fresh copy of the application. In order to accomplish the task, uninstall the older version from the smart phone. After installation, the older message, videos and images do not get lots but are stored in the backup memory of the phone. Once you have implemented the trouble shooting steps, whatsapp would be up and running.

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  • February 6, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    This is the big problem many of the android users face.It works for me thanks bro for this fix , I recently came across this problem on whatsapp on android version 6 on my Redmi Note 3 device.


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