How to quit Facebook addiction?

Social media especially facebook is dominating the lives of people. They log in all day on their phones chatting, sending message and sharing photos as well as videos both funny and sad. In spite of being a constant source of entertainment excessive face book exposure can lead to addiction. In order to find the problem, analyze whether you all modes of communication are going through the social media. If the answer is in affirmative, use the following tips to get a welcome sabbatical from facebook.


Understand the symptoms of facebook addiction:

  If you are immediately checking the facebook messages after getting up in the morning or sleeping after scanning the social media account at night, the signs of the facebook addiction are simply clear.

In addition people prone to facebook browsing might feel withdrawal symptoms. They are disinterested in doing conventional chores and find ways and means to log into the account.

Some people use the social media to connect with their old lovers and friends in a bid to rekindle the past. It is a dangerous habit and would do more harm than good to the users.

In spite of having so many friends, you feel lonely in real life.

Think rationally and logically:

Prior to logging on to the facebook, try to introspect and think how the social media is adding value to your life. If it is taking over precious time and not allowing you to concentrate on professional and personal life, it is time to limit the usage.

People aimlessly browsing the facebook and making friends of friends waste their productivity due to the easy connectivity found on the social media.

Evaluate how online friendship through facebook with a person whom you never met would pan out. Is the whole process, wastage of productive time? Ask such questions constantly to leave facebook addiction.

Find if facebook is adding value to your life:

A person using facebook for personal and professional work should be careful to draw the line. It can only be accomplished if you are able to explore as to what extent the social media provides value to your life.

People who do not enjoy stint at the facebook should leave it as quickly as possible to live a normal and conventional life.

Try to avoid facebook during an event:

Rather than getting tempted to the social media, try to refrain from using it during vacation or other events. For instance, stay away from facebook while celebrating birthday. It can be the first baby step towards eliminating the habit of facebook addiction.

In order to eliminate bad blood, tell online friends that you would not be available on facebook for some time.

Do not accept excess friend requests:

People should avoid making online friends only to increase their list. Spending time on social media rather than face to face conversation with real friends can increase the level of loneliness. Rather than completely depending on social media, use it to complement your friendship.


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