How to use Microsoft Word’s Styles to automate formatting of large blocks of text


Style of Microsoft Word is handy and you can make a lot of changes. You can also apply style for the various purposes including a lot of paragraphs, subheads, and other sections. You also have the option of changing size in addition to the style to a few words. It means a bit of change make it distinctive by features. It means it works on some additional features. Now, the question arises, now how to use Microsoft Word’s Styles to automate formatting of large blocks of text?
The important steps are as follows-
Now, for your convenience you can select an excellent way. For creating a new style in remarkably easy way, you just need to select some text to format it.
After selecting press right click of the mouse. When you go to the arrow you will see a lot of options. Now, select “Save selection as a New quick Style”.
A new box will be open just after that and you can get a lot according to your requirement. First of all give a name that suits to your desire. After that you can select the various options to make it distinctive. You can easily pick up an extraordinary style type just by clicking on Modify and now you have the options of selection of style type. The font button can modify the font size and the format button can easily format.
Now, the last and the most important selection that depends on your choice and this is selection through radio buttons of any one. The provided options are “Only in this document” or “New documents based on this template”. The meaning of the both options are completely distinctive than each other. If you select only in this document, you will not able to use it as a future need. But, if you use the second option, then you can easily use your saved style in any other documents.
Now, return back to the document. In this time you can easily select a paragraph or some texts and then change its style by right clicking. Make change of own style that is saved.
Moreover, if you desire to modify a little bit, then right click and then select Modify to make changes perfect and suitable for your need. Now, you can make completely modification in other computers also. What you will do for that? You just need to move to the new PC. The exact command “%appdata%\microsoft\templates”, through this command you can easily find out the folders of the various templates. Thus, you can easily get that why Microsoft has already provided a number of options. The only matter that you need to do is increasing your understanding level of the various facts and objectives through which you can make your use of computers more accurate. Moreover, you can easily do whatever you want to apply in the various texts and paragraphs. Now, apply your style without any hesitation and makes the documents more appropriate as per your project requirement or your personal requirement.

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