How to Eliminate Unwanted Word Options

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is used by the reader named Pablo Aliskevicius as an editor. He types words in the word document then editor doesn’t like all word in caps, an icon which shows blue in color, hide the typed words then he find fault about this. So, in the word document of the MS office 2007 are tried to find the solution of that problem. In this, there is an option of Auto correct system by default.

How to Eliminate Unwanted Word Options

This Auto Correct Option attaches many commonly used spelling errors by default and it would also used to apply formatting rules. The icon of the correct text appears or pointed on the screen just click on it you can see a menu button that is show the Undo Option which is use to correct the correction and you may contains the correction in future as well or open the Dialog Box for full correction option automatically.

After that you can see that icon. Open the menu button and the Control Auto Correct Option button can be selected. By clicking on the office button which is placed on the top left of the screen then click on the Word Options button then click on the Proofing button placed on the left of the screen and then click on the Auto Correct Options button. The button called Show Auto Correct Options button is unchecked and then click OK. This icon is placed in the future time. The Auto Correct Option wants to make a correction then you just reverse it by pressing the option Ctrl-Z.

In the word document, there is other similar feature. The other option is Paste Option. An icon appears which shows a menu called Paste Options when you will paste some text in the word document. Click on the office button then click on the Word Options button of the dropdown menu button which is placed at the bottom then click on the Advanced button which is placed at the left and down scroll to Cut, Copy and Paste. The Show Paste Options title box is uncheck and then click OK. After that all process is completed. Then you can Gone now!


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