How to Turn off Photo Back up with the Google Settings Application

Now a day’s people are very worry about the valuable photos in their Smartphone. So there are lots of applications or apps are available i.e. Photo Backup application which is store in the phone. Photos and videos in your device or phone will save in the Google Photos library. Recently launched app called “Google Photos”. This app Google Photos is a type of photo backup and become popular for the Smartphone users or Android users. In your phone, if this app is not working then you can uninstall it or turn off. So simply you can uninstall or turn off in your phone. According to original backup options you will do your photos backup easily. Once you uninstall this app in any service or apps in your phone then it will permanently delete.
In the Google, the Google Photo Backup app is available on the several platforms with the other apps and simply turned off or uninstalls a single app. Privacy worry that Google is apologized of confusing users by implicit that the automatic backup will start once and pending is switched off or turn off. Users are very worry about their photos which may be important or having little bit knowledge then they want to access in the Google to continue upload it to the huge servers. So, if you want to switch turn off “Google Photos Backup” then it’s easy to fix it. The Google Settings Application is provide the solution of that problem. Google has also applied an interface for Google settings which is related with your Google account then you will turn off the photos app and also turn off photo back up. The application Google Photos Backup is available in the Google Settings Application then turn off or switch off this application. You can also change the Google Backup Settings according to your requirement or also choose to go it on.

This Google Photos Backup app was first used by David Arnott who is from Nashville Business. David Arnott was called “The backup was proposed”. Google Photos app recently use by the community gorillas. The company has fixed the problem and admission of guilt for this.  This all above information is for Google application to be used for turn off the photos backup with the Google settings.

After that the Google Photos Backup is also done with the Google+ application in which photos backup is switch off or turn off with Google+ app. So, how to turn off photos and videos auto back up in the Google+ application for Android phones are as follows:-

·    In your Android device, open the Google+ application and then press the Menu button in the Google+ Setting Application.
·    Then, at the top of the screen Auto Backup Option then, you tap it.
·    At the top of the screen use the slide button, now you can turn off the Auto Backup Option.

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