How to backup images in device folders to Google Photos

Pictures and Photos are one of the most common ways of saving our happiest moments of life, these pictures are taken in every stage of life, even when we are born our parents and family members take our pictures so that they can remember us as a baby for a lifetime. In the old days, people did not have any of the modern forms of technologies or mediums to save the photos digitally, so the rich people used to make portraits of the things which they loved the most and even of themselves. The pictures were made by professional artists who were trained in making such portraits with perfection and precision. To make these picture the artist have to devote a lot of time and it was also very challenging work which needs much of hard work to make the images in the same manner.


Revolution in Photography:

As the time changed and technology developed the methods of photography changed and then came the cameras which took black and white images and then the colored cameras and finally the Digital Photography can into existence which changed the whole meaning of photography. Previous people used to save these pictures in negatives or in big bundles of photo albums with used to get affected by the passing time but with the digital exposure to the world, now the digital photos are stored in digital devices which we can even carry with ourselves without any trouble such as; CD’s, DVD’s, Memory Cards, Pen Drives, Hard Drives, Smart Phones, etc. but still sometimes we forget or by mistake we lose our important photos and then it becomes tough for us to get those pictures back.

Where to save our Photos so that we can recover it at any point of time?

One of the best mediums to save all the important photos so that it can be recovered at any point of time is on the Internet Drivers, these internet drives are present in the online world and one can securely save all the photos in his personal online account. One of the most secured and best places to save your photos in the online world is the Google Photos.

How to backup images in device folders to Google Photos?

  1. Open the internet and the open up the Google Photos individual app on your device.
  2. Once the app is open on your device then look for the Assistance button at the bottom.
  3. When you click on it, then you may get in front of your screen that; Waiting for the Wi-Fi connection or Waiting for the internet connection. You need to change your internet connection and turn it on.
  4. Once done then on the next page you will get the option of i.e. Backup and Sync which is ‘off’ until that time. You need to turn that option ON so that all the photos, images and videos can be easily stored in the Google Photos.
  5. Once done the then the backup process will start and after a few minutes you will get a notification that the backup process is completed which means that all you pictures are safe in the Google Photos.

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