Securely Surf the Web Anonymously using bVPN

Hello Freaks, how are you doing? Today we have come up with a solution to one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to surf the internet anonymously and more securely. Well, this is true that nowadays, it is very important to hide your internet identity for security purpose. Hacking is quite famous these days, and all a hacker need is your IP address to get into your system. So, one of the easiest way to hide your identity is to use a VPN.

What is VPN or Virtual Private Network?

Basically, VPN is a way used to add security and privacy to your public and private network such as Wi-Fi and hotspot and so on. It is also used to protect sensitive information by corporate companies. VPNs are quite popular these days because it increases the security by replacing the user’s IP address with one which is provided by the VPN provider. This allows a user to get an IP address from any city which the VPN Company provides. For example, you may live in New York but with VPN you can appear to live in Washington or any number of gateway cities.

Which VPN should I use?

Well, in this article, we will recommend to use bVPN. It is one of the best VPN I have ever used. Honestly, I have been using it from 2 days and I see it works flawlessly. It works like they described in their website without any problem. They offer several countries from USA to Germany to United Kingdom and so on and various cities like London, California, Florida and so on. I was able to connect in all the countries and cities and checked my IP address was changed and I was surfing the internet with the new identity without any fear to lose data.

Even behind the toughest firewalls where other VPN services might fail to connect or their connections might not be very stable, bVPN got you covered. Thanks to a customized tunnel called SMOKE, bVPN has been proven to best the best VPN for China as this tunnel will completely disguise OpenVPN connection so it cannot be identified by the Great Firewall of China which grants you connection stability for the longest duration possible.

How to use bVPN?

First, you need to go to their official website and download their software. The best part is, their service can be used in any operating system like Windows, Mac, and Android and so on. I am using Windows operating system so I downloaded the windows version.

Then simply install the software, this part is pretty self-explanatory. No rocket science knowledge is required.

After you have successfully installed the software, you will see something like this.


You can see all the bVPN server list and you can click any country or city you wish to browse your web from. They do offer 3 days trial so feel free to hover around for 3 days and check if it satisfies your needs. With the paid version, all the countries and cities which are locked can be accessible.

Next, you simply need to select the city or country you wish to connect and click on the free “Connect” button. That’s it.

Here, let me show you how to do this. In my case, I am going to connect to US-California server. So I selected the US-California option and clicked the connect button.


You see, how easy it was to change your IP address? Now you can surf the web anonymously.

You can check full features in their website. So, I will recommend you guys to head over to their official website and check full feature list by yourself. I am sure you won’t regret it.

I hope you guys enjoyed and found this useful.

Stay tuned for more.

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