How to get a custom URL in YouTube

Custom URLs and YouTube can help to improve the way that you share your channel as well as its ranking on search engines. If you have a channel that eligible to create custom URLs on YouTube, you can work at improving the way that your videos can be accessed as well as how well they will rank on search engines.

A typical YouTube URL looks like a series of numbers and letters at the end of the URL such as:

A custom URL for your youtube video can be much easier to share and remember. These links look more like:

To create a custom URL for your channel  you need to have an account that’s at least 30 days old, with an original photo uploaded as the channel icon as well as channel Art. Your channel must also have at least 100 subscribers.

YouTube channels can have one custom URL and they are copywritten. They can’t be transferred to other YouTube users or assigned to anyone else. If you can copyright a URL in a high-ranking niche, you can generally do quite well on YouTube and garner a lot of extra traffic.

To get started with a custom URL you will need to go to the advanced account settings in your youtube account. Simply sign into your account, go to your settings screen and then click advanced.

You can find the URL settings under channel settings and a link that says “You’re eligible for a custom URL.” After clicking the box you’ll be directed to the get custom URL page. You can see custom URL’s that your channel has been approved for and you can add a few numbers or letters to the idea to make your channel unique.

After picking a name that’s unique you will go through the custom URL terms of use to check the rules for using and sharing that YouTube channel URL. After going through the terms of use you will be approved for the URL wherever that you cannot change it once it is set so ponder the name carefully before clicking confirm choice.

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