Best Ways To Recover Photos From A Lost Phone

The phone may be gone but the photos can be recovered depending on the settings. If the phone is old fashioned then the chances are as good as nothing. However a smart phone will definitely be able to help you get your photos back. If your phone is lost or stolen the loss of photos may not be the biggest problem. Find out from the manufacturer what tools are built inside the phone that can help you to get it back. It is always a good idea to upload pictures before the phone is lost.


  • Method of recovery
  1. Android or Seek droid is a simple device that will help you in finding your lost device. This app helps you to track it on a Google map and even tells you if anyone has picked it up and made calls through it. Seek Droid allows you to make a call, send a message or alarm to the phone and ask the person to return the same. Visit the Seek Droid site once you have lost your device and manage the rest through a browser.
  1. Apple has offered a Find my Phone a utility app which will help you find your phone provided iOS 3.1.3 is running. When activated it sends a message or alert or sets a pass code to lock your phone and remotely wipe it when you don’t hope to retrieve it.
  1. Where my Droid is is a utility that makes it easier to find an Android phone. It can search a phone even it is lost in the house and another mode when the phone is lost or stolen. In the former problem it will turn up the ringer and let it ring for a longer period so that one can find it and in the latter it will display its position on the map with its latest position via GPS.
  1. Prey is an anti theft tracking device that is free for up to four devices. The method is to install the device in the back ground and if your phone is lost all one has to do is to send a message with an activation phrase Go Prey. It will then send regular update to Prey with the device location. This service is not free and one has to pay for it.
  1. Lookout is a free support system in tracking lost phones. Lookout will locate lost phones, back it up wirelessly and also wipe it so that no one is able to get their hands on your data. Even with phone missing one can still manage with a web browser. Lookout includes safe browsing, ant spy ware etc.

As smart phones are expensive free applications are available to track them when lost. However if it has been knowingly stolen then it is best to report to higher authorities but do not try to recover it if a malicious party is involved. It is better to be sensible than bold.

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