Some Cool Tips and Tricks for The Microsoft Word 2007 Users

Some Cool Tips and Tricks for The Microsoft Word 2007 Users

Most of the computer users use Microsoft Office on regular basis, particularly the MS – Word. Without any doubt, Microsoft Word is the most powerful and feature rich word processor we have even seen or used. We use MS Word for number of reasons. However, not many of us have used even half of its features. There are lots of features available in MS Word that can really make your task easier and will help you complete any task in less time. Through this article we will provide you some really cool and helpful tips and tricks for Microsoft Word. So, take a look.

Microsoft Office 2007

Configure Paste Option

When it comes to copying texts in Microsoft Word, it tries to make things easy for you by automatically preserving the source formatting and offering the choice to modify the text at the same time to match the current document’s format. For example, if you want to avoid the options of formatting every time you paste text, you can click the button “Office” and then move to the Advanced section, where in the Cut/Copy/Paste heading you will find four options in a drop down menu. You can choose any of them as a default setting.

Alter Full-Justification Formatting

This type of formatting when applied to a paragraph in Microsoft Word then it makes sure that the text is aligned vertically on the right and left of the page through fine-tuning the spacing among the words. Sometimes you may spot unnecessary or too much spacing between the words, which can be corrected through full-justification formatting. In this way, it will make your work look more organized. In order to select this feature, follow the procedure below:

“Office” button > Word Option > Advanced tab > Layout Options > Do Full Justification

Hanging Indent

It has been seen that most of the users rarely go for this formatting option. Hanging indent is used for formatting paragraphs by making all the lines indent except the first one. If you wish to use this formatting option then choose the paragraph(s) you want to format and then move to the tab “Home”. There you will have to double-click on the icon in the right hand side of the pane “Paragraph”. Now, choose the drop down menu “Special” from the Spacing tab and then select the option “Hanging” followed by indicating the level of indentation. Finally, click on “OK” to apply the changes.

Show/Hide the Ribbon

For many users, the ribbon feature used in MS Office 2007 is an excellent step forward as now they can temporarily hide the ribbon, which in turn will offer you more working space and free from the clutter as well. You can hide and unhide the ribbon from the Quick Access Toolbar, by clicking the down arrow icon, which will provide you access to the check/uncheck box.

So, those were some of the tips and tricks for Microsoft Word 2007 that can make your day to day task easier and quicker. Try them out!


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