How to Play Where’s My Water on PC

Simple Tips on How to Play Where’s My Water on PC

As one of the highest rated mobile games today, Where’s My Water continues to earn fans due to its overall interface, playable features, puzzle challenges, and other great features. Millions of Android and Apple device owners currently enjoy its remarkable features, having more than five million downloads and installs.

wheres my water

Non-Android or Apple users miss the opportunity of playing this wonderful game. If you’re one of these users, you don’t have to get these devices if you don’t want to since it’s possible to play Where’s My Water right on your computer.

  • Emulators are the key

Mobile apps are comparable to regular computer programs. However, they are designed for mobile device operating systems. Therefore, they won’t run on your computer regardless of how you tweak its compatibility features.

Technological advancements resulted to numerous workarounds in making programs compatible in computers like emulators. An emulator, as its name implies, is a platform built in a way to emulate mobile OS’ environment on your regular computer. Hence, it’s like having a device OS within your computer, making it possible to run mobile apps as if they are used on a gadget.

  • Playing Where’s My Water with an emulator

Several emulators are available online that will work depending on the app version you’ll get. Android app emulator alone already comes in numerous options like Bluestacks, Youwave and IntelAppUp. Installing and running a mobile app vary based on the downloaded emulator.

First, you need to download the emulator from its homepage. Search for their websites by typing their names on search engines. Once you found their pages, find the link where you can download the emulator. Install emulator on your computer after downloading the setup file.

  • Installing Where’s My Water

Similarly in using emulators, installing mobile apps is different depending on the emulator to use. For instance, Bluestacks let you install these apps in two ways. First, install the emulator and search for app using the search box on the interface. Install the app after finding the mobile app.

Another option is downloading the app first with .afk file extension. Search engines are your best friends in finding these .afk files. After downloading, open the file through the emulator and install your preferred app.

  • Running the file

Run the app by double clicking it on the apps folder and start enjoying this wonderful game. Again, using the app is different depending on the emulator since they’re designed or built in a unique way. Be sure to read instructions that come with these files to ensure proper app operations in your computer.

  • Essential notes

Internet connection is important in downloading the app, but it won’t be needed after installation. Moreover, several settings may be tweaked for optimum performance. Remember that you may be running a mobile OS environment but the hardware is still different. Pointers in setting your hardware for better graphics or performance are available online.

Don’t let the absence of mobile device hinder you from playing Where’s My Water on your computer. Keep these tips in mind and experience the same enjoyment Android and Apple device owners through this game.

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