How to Organize Your Notes with WhizFolders

How to Organize Your Notes with WhizFolders

Hello Freaks, how are you all doing? Today, we have come up with a solution to one of the most frequently asked questions in our blog about how to organize notes in your computer or laptop with most user friendly interfaces. If you are working in an office or most of your work includes typing or if you are a student then this is one of the nightmares. Organizing notes is a very tough task if you don’t know how to do it. Most of the time your notes will be misplaced or maybe it will be puzzled up in your folder which you won’t be able to find later. You guys may have used countless software which can be found in the internet but couldn’t satisfy your needs. But never fear, as usual we have the solution to your problem. That’s where WhizFolders comes into play.

What is WhizFolders?

WhizFolders is a windows software which helps you to organize your notes so that you can properly think, plan and execute your ideas. It gives you so many options to make your writing work easier. We will be discussing all of its features briefly to give you the taste on how it works and how it is different from other note organizing software.

Main Features of WhizFolders

  1. List based Text Editor: In most of the cases, you guys are looking to have this feature which most of the text editors do not provide. What I mean here is, the best way to study any paper is to see the index and choose the topic which you want to read. This is exactly what WhizFolders provides you. Here, see for yourself what I mean.whiz1

See? You can simply add, edit or modify any topic or sub-topic to make it as easier as you want. You have the list in your left sidebar and you can do your editing in your right sidebar. Simple as that.

  1. Provides colorful hierarchical List: This is one of the best feature I have found in any text editing software. What it means is that you can organize your topics by color and even can highlight them as you need. For example: if you have finished reading or writing a section, you can highlight that section to green color or red color to remind you that you have finished or not finished the task. WhizFolders provides this feature to make your note as user friendly as possible so that you can get the best user experience.
  2. Excellent for studies and research: If you are a student, specially, if you are in higher education, this is a must have tool for you since you will be required to write tons of papers and projects. This software will give you the best options to finish your task. As an Engineering student, I can say that there’re many times when you will need to add sub section or sub topics in a middle of a paper and it becomes a painful task to achieve. But with WhizFolders, you can simply use the “Add” option to add a sub topic or any parent topic in a middle of a file. Very easy and very handy feature to have. This will be a life savior for you guys. Here, see for yourself.
  3. Easy to review your file: When you are done writing a paper, it gives you the most reliable way to review your whole file. You can simply scroll up and down your entire index file in the left bar and select the topics you desire to read or modify, all with a click of a button. Makes you feel relaxed.
  4. Re-arrange your Main Topics: You can simply rearrange your topics without copying and pasting everything from one section to another. WhizFolders gives you the ability to move a main or sub topic up and down with simply a click of a button. Makes your task easy.
  5. Easy to Print your Entire file: The notes can be printed and the table of content will be included in that as well. The print out will be finished as a complete project like the way you wanted in the first place. Also the entire file can be converted to PDF so that you can later read in your favorite PDF and also the file can be saved as RTF file so that you can do further modification using Microsoft office.

And much much more. There are tons of feature to list, so I will recommend you guys to head over to their official website right now and check the full features right now. I am pretty sure you won’t regret and this is a must have software for everyone who does their writing and editing in computer and laptops. Supports in all Windows operating systems and their website provides a tremendous support if you have any query.

Hope you guys enjoyed and found this useful.

Stay tuned for more!

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