Ripple Crossed $0.50 – Breaking All Time High

Ripple (XRP) investors has been patient from a long long time. Ripple didn’t show any movement when Bitcoin and Litecoin price were skyrocketing. Some more good news has come for Ripple investor is that, it is back on top #4 in crypto currency market surpassing Litecoin again. Yesterday(12 December, 2017), we wrote the top 7 reasons why Ripple price is rising and why it could $1 within a month. Aussie market is already selling Ripple at $1.18 while Indian market is selling Ripple at Rs. 51 (~$0.79).

Not to mention, Japan-Korea enters trial Ripple blockchain payment this Friday (15 December, 2017) and there’s no wonder it would again take a high peak. And if the rumors are true and Coinbase actually decides to add Ripple in their system then the crypto experts have stated that it will cross $5 easily.

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Here’s a survey conducted on Twitter today (13 December, 2017), where over 91% people voted to buy & sell and at this point Ripple is $0.48. Here’s the link to tweet –

There’s no wonder it could hit $1 before Christmas and if it does then it will be worth the wait for Ripple investors. Ripple also has been announced as the best digital asset payment processor yesterday after comparing the speed, scalability and transaction cost.

Ripple best digital asset payment

Twiiter, Facebook and other Social networking accounts are exploding with #Ripple and #XRP. Ripple is also supported by Google, TechCrunch and other big names. Recently, @yoshitaka_kitao (CEO of SBI Group) tweeted the following –

More great news is coming this Friday, let’s see if Ripple goes to the Moon. Stay Tuned!

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