Top 10 Interesting Ripple Facts that You Might Not KNOW!

Tons of altcoins have been launched recently which has helped the market cap to go beyond $500 billion. Ripple (XRP) is one of the most prominent among them. It has significantly attracted numerous attention of various market experts and financial institutions. As in today (15 December,2017) Ripple is standing on its highest position and is over $0.80. Honestly speaking, Crypto experts are saying that buying Ripple at $0.80 is just like buying Ethereum when it was $8 and exploded to $100. Also checkout how to buy Ripple in case you don’t know.

Anyways, here are the top 10 Ripple(XRP) facts that you might not know.

Number 1.

Ripple (XRP) beats Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereoum, Bitcoincash & Dash in terms of *speed, cost and scalability*. While Bitcoin can only progress 16 transactions per second, XRP does 1,500 transactions per second. See the difference? Here’s the full chart as a reference –

Ripple best digital asset payment


Number 2.

Ripple is already working with the famous credit card company American Express. Their VISA Cards are already processing over 2,500 transactions per second. So, as you can see other companies are already lagging behind VISA in terms of Scalability. XRP is the only company who can stand VISA’s expectation.

Full Story – Ripples Partnerships with American Express—————————————————————————————————————————

Number 3.

Each and every unit of XRP is already live and present. It does not need any mining at all which saves power and electricity already. No wonder it is more sustainable than Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.


Number 4.

Tom Channick, an employee of Facebook, stated, he will be leaving Facebook to take over comms @Ripple. This already shows where Ripple can move already. Original tweet:


Number 5.

Unlike other companies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so on, XRP is actually helping the world to resolve a serious issue by waiving the speed and cost of each transactions.


Number 6.

Japan and Korea have started their trial with blockchain payments with Ripple as in 15 December, 2017. 100 banks are already testing this technology. They will keep testing it until 31st January and if it succeeds then Ripple will be the only company which will be used by bank for real fund transfer overseas.

Full News on Ripple Website


Number 7.

Ripple is already listed on Bloomberg terminals along with Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum from 14 December, 2017. People can track their live price rates while walking.



Number 8.

Mr. Kitao, CEO of SBIGroup has tweeted himself that he is all in with Ripple. He is a multi-billionaire and has given this statement in the following tweet as you can see.


Number 9.

You can officially get Ripple Shirts & Hoodies to show your support  😀

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 Number 10.

You can actually get a job in Ripple. Ripple is already hiring and you can start your career with Ripple.

Here are the list of Job Opening at Ripple.


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Additional Facts –

Ripple price difference from December 2016 to December 2017.

  • Lowest Price in 12 Months: 0.0056 USD
  • Highest Price in 12 Months: 0.8922 USD
  • Price Today: 0.8195 USD

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