Trick to View Large Size Profile Pics of Locked Profiles On Facebook.


Hey Guys, Many Times We Come Across Some Profiles On Facebook That Dont Allow Us To view Thier Profile Pics in Large size, This is because They have done Some Privacy Setting In thier Profile which Dont Allow Others to View Their Profile Pics In large size, all we see is shrinked Image.

Today I will Tell You A simple method To view Profile Pics of Locked Profiles In Large Size.

How to View Large Size Profile Pics Of locked Profiles On Facebook.

Step 1: Go to and sign in to Your Account.

Step 2 : Goto any locked Profile Of which You want to view Profile Picture in large size.

Step 3: Right Click on Profile Picture and Select Copy Image URL.

Step 4: Now Open a new Window in Your Browser and Paste that URL in Adress bar.

Your will Get some thing Like This:

Step 5: Now All You need to Do is Just Remove s160x160 From The Url That you copied and Press enter, Boom, Now you Can see Large size Image. 
Replace s160x160 With s720x720 , this will do the Work for you Too.

Note: To Above image url is Just an example if You Remove s160x160 From the Above Url, The Image will Not enlarge because the Profile is not locked.

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