How to Resize the Partition of HDD in Windows 7/8/XP

For some reason, many PC makers continue to sell computers with a single partition, regardless of how massive the storage capacity is.

As a result, you find yourself struggling to adjust the partition size to augment the HDD (hard disk drive) space. While resizing the partition size isn’t impossible, it is not without its share of hazards that include your biggest fear- losing the stored data itself.

So, is there a way around this menacing problem?

You bet there is! Better still, the solution isn’t overtly technical. Take the following steps in Windows 7 and you’ll be patting yourself on the back in no time.

Windows 7 steps

  1. Right click on My Computer icon on the desktop. Then, click on Manage
  1. Select Disk Management within the console tree (under Storage tab
  2. You will have to extend or shrink the volume size. If you want to expand or shrink the volume size, ensure you have sufficient space on the partition. Right-click on the partition and  choose Extend Volume.
  1. The Extend Volume Wizard dialog box show up wherein you would need to type the specific space amount of volume you plan to expand by. Choose the Select the amount of space in MB.Click on Next.
  1. Similarly, if you want to reduce the volume, right click the partition to select Shrink Volume.
  1. In case of adequate space availability, you will see a dialog box. Select Enter the amount of space to shrink and click on Shrink

Windows 8 steps

  1. Hold and Press Winkey+R. In the Run the utility, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter. Windows Disk Management utility will then open up.
  1. Ensure you have adequate unallocated space to partition. To create the space, shrink the HDD by right clicking on the drive and selecting Shrink Volume.
  1. Enter the MB amount you intend to reduce shrink the HDD space. Click on Shrink. You will see the peak amount of space available via Disk Management Utility. You can also see the unallocated space region where a foundation needs to be created to use it.
  1. Right-click there to select New Simple Volume and open the New Simple Volume Wizard. Install it.
  1. Assign a driver letter to the disk.
  1.  Select the NTFS file system.
  1. In the Volume Label, enter a name.
  1. Click on Finish. Youre done!

Windows XP steps

  1. Download any free hard disk partition manager software like AOMEI to resize the partition while preventing data loss.
  1. Install the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition where youll see the various partitions.
  1. Right click on a partition and choose Resize Partition.
  1. A pop-up window will emerge. Take the mouse pointer on the left and drag the slider bar to the right.
  1. To extend the volume, Click “OK”. You will see unallocated space behind the drive. Select that drive and drag the right handle to the right.
 Hope the Tutorial Will Help you To Partition your HDD without any trouble.

One thought on “How to Resize the Partition of HDD in Windows 7/8/XP

  • March 13, 2014 at 7:10 am

    I have tried the same in windows 7. but it is not working. Since the size of my C Drive is 217 GB & I want to keep it 100 GB & i am trying to shrink but i can’t. When I tried the above procedure, a window pops up & said yo can’t shrink beyond the point where any unmovable file is located.. what should i do now please suggest me.


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