How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games and Browsers?

How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games and Browsers?


Pop up ads can be quite annoying and there are more people than you know who complain about them. They are disruptive, and quite unnecessary. Websites and apps that provide you with free content and free services are being paid to advertise these pop up ads. This is how they keep their businesses running.

However, most people are focused on the apps or the games that they have installed, and they become easily irritated when they have to find some way to click out of the pop up ads. So how do we get rid of these pop up ads, you might be wondering?

There are some methods that you can learn more about as you continue to read along below, which will help you to get rid of the pop up ads that show up on your game applications or your android web browser.

Adblock Plus (ABP)

The Adblock Plus method is one that will block every ad that shows up on your mobile device. There are various Adblocker applications that you can choose from with Sideloading on your mobile device. ABP and Adway would be the top choices that people download onto their mobile devices.

How to use Adblock Plus

Using Adblock Plus gives you the option of blocking ads that you don’t feel like dealing with.

Sideloading was mentioned earlier, ad it is what you will need because you cannot find any ad-block applications on Google Play store since they have been removed.  Any ad-blocker that you install will require the sideload. Basically what this means is that you will need to install the application with the APK file in place of Google Play Store.

Below are the steps that you will need to follow in order for this to work:

  1. Go to settings > Applications (On 4.0 devices or higher you will need to go to Security) on your mobile device.
  2. Go to Unknown Sources.
  3. If you notice that this option is unchecked then you need to check it off. Click OK when the confirmation shows up.

You may now begin the installation of ad-blockers.

Adblock Plus Installation and Configuration

Open your browser and download Adblock Plus for Android. The APK file: adblockplusandroid-version.apk is that file that you should see.

Next, you need to go to where your downloaded files are located on your device. Tap on the file and choose to install it. When using file manager to open the APK file then you need to choose Open App Manager and then select Install.

For rooted devices:

Once you have installed AdPlus Blocker, open the application. Super user permissions will be requested. All the permissions of the super user to administer Adblock Plus and you are ready to go.

For non rooted devices:

There are some extra manual steps that you will need to take for devices that are manually rooted.

Generally speaking if you have a 3.1 version mobile device or less, then you will need to enter into your advanced WiFi settings.

Run the settings application. Select WiFi. The available WiFi networks list will pop up.

If you aren’t already connected to the desired network connection then choose one now. Long press the connected network option. A menu will appear that says Modify network config.

Choose Show advanced options (check the box off).

Go down to the proxy settings and choose Manual, and some options should appear.

Now, set the Proxy to localhost and Port to the number that is given by Adblock Plus in your notification message.

For Android 2.3

With Android 2.3 you will need to:

Go to the WiFi settings and choose Advanced Settings.

Search the list for proxy hosts and port settings.

Now, set your proxy host to localhost and port to the number that is given by Adblock Plus.

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