The The top ten Android games of 2014 to keep you hooked

The The top ten Android games of 2014 to keep you hooked

With all the free apps Android is undoubtedly the chosen OS for Smartphones where you can play as many different games you want. Here is a list of the ten best games from Android.


1. Dots

For all those who think video games or mobile games is not their forte but you like to play anyway, this free game is the one that will let time fly without making you feel devoid of gaming skills because it does not require any!

2. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Much awaited latest Simpsons game is finally out and yes, this EA game too is free! You can have this ‘freemium’ game running in the background and you can unlock all the contents for free too! Springfield was never so exciting and actually so free of cost ever before!

3. Angry Birds Space

Of course not the newest of games but Angry Birds Space still has a steady number of downloads. This obviously free game from Rovio is simplistic but tougher than all the previous versions from the Angry Birds franchise. Once you try this game, you will be glued to it because of the different tactics you have to use and calculations you have to make.

4. Badland

If a gloomy Indie background and lots of surprises is something you’d love to handle, this game is for you. Fly about in the blob that can grow bigger and smaller and split when it wants and conquer the ‘Badland’ for free again!

5. Stick Cricket

This is another simple game that will remind you of your childhood when you had it on that simple Nokia phone of yours. You do not even have to position yourself on the field, all you have to do is hit though your little player can be smashed down by the ball and that is kind of funny instead of gory, so go ahead and download this free game for some simple fun.

6. PewPew

Funny as the name itself, this game is a fun shooter game with funny game controls and the most bizarre gaming modes.

7. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

This game will show you why you cannot say ‘no’ to Star Wars if you do not already know. This is possibly the most gorgeous game of 2014 and will have you fixated to the dark side of things taking a huge challenge. It is free and not opting for the in-game cash saves your money as well as makes the game more intriguing.

8. Pitfall!

Mine cart, ride your bike and whip all you want through this endless runner that will not let you blink an eye with its diversity in the different levels.

9. Whale Trail Frenzy

Another cute, no gore game with a cute little whale. Win your bounty at sea with all the hindrance you can have coming from the annoying popup ads.

10. QuizUp

If you’re playing this game your parents cannot complain as you are gaining knowledge via actual quizzes with actual players on the other end on any category you choose.

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